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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Utah Day 7


It's a dinosaur! Today we went to the dinosaur museum with my BFF Mink and her two girls. We had so much fun looking at all the dinosaur bones and playing in the wet sand exhibit. (Which Professor promptly ate and grossed Mink out.)

Still it's an awesome museum for around here. We have been to several museums in the past considering the Smithsonian is close for us in Maryland and this one is good.

Juice has been going to the Draper Temple every day in the morning. It's so amazing to be able to walk to the temple. I can see it out my window now and it's very beautiful.

The kids took good naps this afternoon and Juice and I played Rock Band. It's fun to have so much time with him during the day. And our days aren't terribly crowded with things to do so we can spend some actual time together.

It also hailed here this afternoon and I had to explain to Butterfly what the "little balls that are coming out of the sky" were. She's observant.


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