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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Utah Day 3


Why is it the last few miles of a trip always seem to take the longest? At least this time the last few miles brought us Juice and a place for the boys to run around in. They found all the toys at Nana's house and are happily sleeping in the same room. Happy for the boys, not so happy for Butterfly. They had baths and turned the water a pretty pink color. All that red rock dust from southern Utah makes a nice color when mixed with water.

This morning we spent the time loading up the car (a lot more involved than you think) and driving around to see Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point. We did some geocaching in Dead Horse Point and saw a very cool arch in Canyonlands. (Yesterday we hiked through Arches...it was windy and the hikes we went on were always longer than we thought they'd be.)

I got some great pictures, I think. I haven't really looked through the ones I got today.

The kids were okay until we got on the road to get home. I wanted to drive but that lasted maybe 10 miles. The kids are just used to me being back with them and so I fetched toys and broke up fights between Pirate and Butterfly or Pirate and Professor. It's hard to be the kid in the middle car seat.

Now we are at my parents' house with their really nice soft bed and we are all beat. More tomorrow!



  1. Finally at your destination! Yay! Sorry about those rough last miles. Hopefully in a few days, they will be long forgotten. :)


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