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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Ultrasound...again


Meet Baby A on the left, and Baby B below him. I had my follow up perinatologist appointment this afternoon for the baby's PAC issue. There is no issue anymore since there is no PAC. Amazing! The doctor wasn't convinced that I had not done anything except not eat chocolate this week. And really, I don't eat a lot of chocolate in the first place. I attribute no more PAC to a lot of prayers sent our way.

Just because it's gone, doesn't mean it won't come back. So they are just going to keep an eye out for it and be happy that it is gone for now.

Baby A flipped back around and is back to being breech. His head is near my right hip, and bottom is sitting right on my cervix. His feet are floating somewhere up towards the middle of my belly. Baby B is head up and jammed in my ribs, with his feet on A's feet. Makes me very uncomfortable. Especially that head in my rib part.

The fact that A is jammed down in my hips which is why the picture of him is not great. I don't see Butterfly in him at all. His mouth is a lot wider than her, and he looks to have Juice's small forehead. Who knows though since the picture is not great.

B was a picture boy today and I must have 4 or 5 great ones of him. I like this one with his thumb by his face because just after she froze the frame, A kicked him. His hand is on the way up to protect his head. You can see the membrane separating them on the left, that bright line next to his head. I see a lot of Butterfly in him, although his mouth is a lot wider than hers.

Okay, the ultrasounds are amazing in the detail they can show you. I am starting to really get excited to meet these guys in a few short weeks! (I am 25, almost 26 weeks. My little ticker says only 100 days to go. Go us!) I am almost to the point of viability (28 weeks) and that was my next goal. After that point, 32 weeks. And then, 36 weeks. I bet it will go fast (ish).

Next visit in 2 weeks, next OB visit in 3. And since my Dad is going to Japan for the next 3 weeks and we won't be able to chat, I will try very hard and update my blog more often for him. Check back frequently.



  1. Yipee! What wonderful news! And what amazing pictures of the boys. :)

  2. What beautiful pics!! Everytime I see 4D pics like that, I just get all teary because they look so REAL compared to the fuzzy black&white ones.

    So happy they're doing better, too!

  3. Woohoo!! I will keep on praying for those boys!! What excellent news! And those are amazing u/s pixs! Look at all the details!!

  4. Wow! Those pics are amazing. At first I thought Baby A was a pillow. Then, when I saw Baby B's face, I was like...'woah, wait a sec'. I hope I get to see mine soon.

    I've never heard anyone comparing fetus's facial features to their kids. I didn't even know they could do ultrasounds that well.


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