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Monday, January 07, 2008

We interrupt this program...


If there is one thing I will remember about this winter is how sick we have been. We are sick, yet again. But this time Butterfly has the worst of it. We just got back from her doctor and the pharmacist with high doses of antibiotics to give her. There's a lot. Good thing she really likes it.

Anyway, she weighs around 37 and a half pounds, and is a very good patient. She opens her mouth, says 'ahhh', takes deep breaths, and does all that the doctor asks her to. Thank you Corduroy and Nurse Nancy books. One ear is very very infected. She says to watch out in case of puss running out of it, it's so infected. The other ear is runny and red but not hugely infected like the other one. She also has a very wet cough (again! Ed go away!) and a temp of about 101. Poor baby is very sick. She won't eat anything, and all she wants to do is snuggle. So far today we've watched Nemo and the Brave Little Toaster. That's kind of a scary movie! And so '80s! She is now napping and hopefully will nap long and hard.

Both Juice and I are feeling a little cold-ish but nothing as bad as Butterfly. If anything gets worse, I intend to call my ob again and go on antibiotics for the 3rd time this pregnancy. I just keep getting sick. But I hope that after 2 days on the meds for Butterfly will improve her well being. Poor thing.

One thing the doctor said is that she hasn't been in to see them in over 8 months. She is normally a really healthy girl. That's nice to hear. We also discussed the boys briefly and she said she was looking forward to meeting them in May.

Let's just hope that Juice and I don't get worse.


PS- Still working on the first date post, look for it in a few days.


  1. Poor Butterfly! I hope she feels better and that you guys don't get it!

  2. Oh poor baby! On the lighter side of things your nearly 3 year old weighs 9 lbs. less than my six yr old! Maybe you should invest in those surgical masks and wear them around like they do in Japan. Go AWAY Ed!!!

  3. Oh no! We've had winters like that, where we get the brunt of every sicknessthat comes around. Too bad today's nice weather is not a sign of Spring coming...

  4. A good medicine-taker is a huge bonus!

  5. Flower, she is feeling better, but now I am feeling worse!

    Valinda, yes, we have monster children in MD. And I'm seriously considering those masks!

    Laura, I suppose this winter is better than next winter. As for spring, yikes! Too much to do before spring comes!

    Constance, yes it is!

  6. True enough about the Spring....I guess it won't exactly be getting easier for you at that point,will it? ;)


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