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Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year, New Camera, New Pictures


Did I not talk about Christmas? No? Oh, oops. Butterfly got a huge train set and a bear that reads her stories. The train, loved it for a day. The bear, has 4 stories that he has to read to her every single morning. I love our little book worm. Juice got a very cool little puzzle, and I got a new camera. It's awesome but hard to use. It's a new Cannon Rebel. For those not camera savvy, it's not a point and shoot camera. I am enjoying learning how to use it and who better to test it on than Butterfly? Isn't she cute. I love how this one really brings out her Daddy's eyes in her.

In other news, we had a ton of snow today. Juice and Butterfly went out to play and enjoy it and I stayed home on the couch all propped up to get rid of the baby falling out feeling. I ran a bunch of errands this morning and I think I might have done too much. They are doing well, and moving around crazy. I am drinking my water and enjoying some shows I have on my DVR. I love my DVR. And my new camera.



  1. Well, I am glad you like your new camera. The pictures are cute, you can really see in the one that shows her eyes what she will look like when she grows up. I just had that vision of her.

    Let's take lots of pictures.....

  2. I was so excited to see that you'd gotten that camera. You will love it! It's nice because there's plenty you can do with it without knowing the technical stuff. :) But the technical stuff is really fun once you get the hang of it...


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