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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Preparing for Twins- Stuff


When we first started telling everyone about the twins, they would ask us "Are you excited?" I always found that a strange question because yes, we are excited about bringing new life into the world. Most people don't know the ins and outs of the infertility world so I suppose twins could be a surprise, and sometimes not a welcome one.

Now that people have gotten used to me having twins, I get another question all the time. They put their face close to mine, hand on shoulder, and ask very softly, "Are you prepared?" Like it's some kind of secret. My answer to this is, "No, and I don't think we will be until they are 6 months old."

BUT, one thing we can do to prepare is the stuff. I really do think that that is what people are asking, but it's funny to see their reactions. Let's talk stuff.

Cribs- yes I have 2. One from Butterfly, and one from my friend Laura. (Thanks Laura!) There are rumors that my parents will buy the crib mattress and we have 2 bassinets to use when they are small. We are set in the bed department. Except for sheets. I remember taking Butterfly when she was very small to the store to buy more sheets because I think I only had one set. I'd like to not do that with these boys and so, sheets are on my list. And blankets. All of my blankets (of which I SO MANY) are all purple and pink. I used to say that I wouldn't care what they put on them because they can't even really see color but I would like them to have at least one baby boy blanket. (For those of you who are interested, we are doing their room in blue sail boats.)

Clothes- oh yes, we need clothes. But I figure that people love to buy little clothes so I'm just waiting to see what we get before I make any official lists.

Bath- we did not buy a bath with Butterfly because I figured I could use the sink. Oh how wrong I was. We ended up washing her in the shower with us until she was too big to hold, and then moved her into the big tub. I do not want to do this with these guys and a little baby bath is on my list.

Feeding- I suppose I ought to have a few bottles on hand, even though I plan on breast feeding these guys. We also would like another high chair because frankly, we only have 3 chairs at our table now. A new table is on my list, but not for awhile. (New car has to come first.) Anyone else have anything I should get for feeding? I think I may be set in that department from all of my leftover stuff with Butterfly. Oh, I do want a nice nursing pillow designed for twins.

Car seat- I think we are set on this one with a generous donation of a used but barely car seat of a friend of ours. And of course, the bigger car seats will come a little later.

Stroller- This is the biggest item I think we have to buy. I want a super nice double stroller. My reasoning is that I want something big enough to fit Butterfly in if she wants to ride (and I can wrap up one of the twins) and I want it to last many many years. I have one picked out. See it here. Yes, I am sure there are other, cheaper strollers that are just as good, but I fell in love with this one and that's the one I'm going to buy.

I can't seem to think of anything else to get for these boys. Am I covering it all? If you'd like a peak at our registry, email me and I will send you the link.

Next up, preparing for twins medically.



  1. Your announcement came at just the right time for the crib....the clothes, on the other hand, are long gone (at least those smaller than 2T, which you're welcome to!) You know me--I am getting rid of everything! People love to buy little baby clothes, though. I will definitely be able to supply you with a boy-friendly wrap (no pink stripes!), since I have an abundance of wraps after I stopped selling them. I've been thinking of you and wraps lately. Ahh--and Phil and Ted's--I've heard of those and I'm sure you'll love it!

    As far as suggestions--buy as the need arises, and never hesitate to call me when you are looking for something. :)

  2. Laura, I will gladly take any clothes off your hands that you are willing to part with. :) 2T clothes are not as fun to buy as baby stuff so I'm pretty sure I won't get much of that. If you're willing to part with it, I'm willing to have it. :) And I was going to ask you about the wraps next time I'm over. Thanks again!

  3. I would love, love, love a peek at your registry!! :-)

  4. After all it took to get these boys I think you SOOO deserve the stroller. Besides they're boys you're gonna need something sturdy! I totally volunteer to buy/make baby blankets and clothes, I'd love to get away from pink and girly. Keep me posted with where you're registered...and don't worry I'll help out in the food department once they're old enough for solids... one word ...bananas.

  5. Hehe Valinda...you made Juice cringe. :)

    Look in your emails for the registry info.


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