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Friday, January 04, 2008



About a week ago I had a ton of things to write on. Now, I can't remember a thing. I am woefully spacey when I'm pregnant. I always manage to forget to pay bills, return calls, emails, etc. At least I make sure we eat. And are dressed. That's about as good as it gets. I have to haul my day planner around with me because I have so many doctor visits this time around that I have to write them all down the moment they make them or I forget.

Speaking of doctor visits, I had another one yesterday. I see my regular OB once a month, and my perinatalogist (specialist pregnancy doctor) every 3 weeks. Yesterday was a visit to my peri. I have to say that this is the most inconvenient doctor's visit ever. Each time I go they scan the kids (most definitely both boys!) for an hour. It's not something I can take Butterfly with me because do you know any 2 year old who can sit for an hour? Juice can't always get off of work (like yesterday) and when he can, he'd rather go see the ultrasound and not sit at home with Butterfly. And I feel weird about asking for so much babysitting because there is so much more coming in the future. This is one of those times I miss my mom.

The boys are doing very well. Both are about a pound, both have all body parts they are supposed to (kidneys, hearts, stomachs, etc.) and both are busy in the circle of reaction. What is that circle you ask? Well, say A kicks B. B reacts to A. A then reacts to B reacting to A. B then reacts to A reacting to B reacting to A. And so on. They are both breech with their little heads leaning towards each other like they are whispering on how best to kick me. The doctor said that I was the easiest twin pregnancy he had seen all day and he had seen about 6 before me. To use his words (and think of this in a South African accent since he grew up there), "Two very normal and active baby boys. Good luck when they are born." He also admonished me to drink more water (if I do, I may as well live in the bathroom...sheesh what is the issue with these doctors and their water?!) and call if I feel nervous at all. We would rather be safe than sorry. Check.

Butterfly is desperately trying to give up her nap, but then crashes by 6pm without dinner (because I can't get it together to feed us any sooner than 6:30pm). So then she wakes up at 3am starving and cranky and will not eat anything. So I am exhausted. And Juice is exhausted. Although I am feeling slightly annoyed at him that he is exhausted because the only reason he is tired is because he stays up till midnight playing on the computer. I go to bed early but am growing people here. He could not be tired if he chose. I can't.

I guess the only family member I haven't talked about is Cinder. She is doing well. Fine. Nothing to say about the dog.



  1. It sure sounds like boys! Hope the kicking isn't a life long issue for them! Heehee!

    Men ... my husband does the same thing! GO TO BED!

  2. Don't hesitate to ask for more of that babysitting! I am really happy to do it...really! :)
    Glad the boys are looking so good!!

  3. I wish I could give you a hand with babysitting :( I am so happy that you are have a very normal pregnany!! Yeah!!

  4. Holey-moley!!!! Catching up on blogs after the holidays can yield quite a surprise! Sending happy congratulations to you & Juice! How wonderful!


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