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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello Insomnia


Sooo...close to midnight here. My family is all sleeping away peacefully. Including Soot who I can hear is snoring in her crate in the next room. And why, why does sleep have to be so elusive to me?! When I was pregnant with Butterfly, I could sleep at the drop of a hat. And I did. I slept so much and so often I wondered what I would do when she was born. But she slept a lot too, and those newborn days of hers are hazy and pajama ridden.

There are lots of pajamas in this pregnancy too, but probably because I remember them more. I'm awake a lot more. And I never seem to be able to sleep at night. During the day, no problem! Butterfly and I took a 4 hour nap today. This could be encouraging the insomnia at night.

We all had a very early day today. We had dentist appointments starting at 8am. Butterfly typically doesn't get up until about 9am these days, and I sleep as long as she does. But today, I was up at 6am so I could get ready before facing "the beast" as we call it. She is NOT a happy camper when she gets up. Okay, she's not a happy camper for me. She loves Daddy. Anyway, back to teeth. We all had a nice cleaning and no cavities. Yay!

I have been tagged for 2 different memes. I'll do one tonight since the other needs me to take pictures and my internet is out on the computer my camera is hooked to. So, meme #1, from jw4mkc.

  • Link to the person that tagged you.
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  • Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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My 6 things...again. (I'm pretty sure I've already done this so I'm going to do a pregnancy version.)

1- I drool. A lot. It wakes me up at night with how much I drool. Juice will not let me sleep on his pillow anymore and I had to give my word of honor that I wouldn't sleep there when he wasn't around to police me. Turns out, this is a normal thing of pregnancy because of all the heartburn.
2- My belly button is so close to poking out. It never did this with Butterfly's pregnancy because I have a crag of a belly button. But this time around, I can see my innie becoming an outie and it's strange. (Also strange, the stupid skin tag I have in the middle of my belly button. I want it removed it bugs me so much!)
3- I have been denied chocolate and now that is all I want to eat. I went to the store the other day and they had all their valentines stuff out and I was sad I couldn't eat anything. Even the smell was driving me crazy.
4- With Butterfly's pregnancy I had food aversion like you would not believe. Now, I have food cravings. I eat so much cereal and string cheese these days. I also like fresh food, no leftovers please!
5- I take 5 pills every day. 3 prenatal vitamins (that's the dosage on the bottle...it's supposed to be conveinant to take at meal times but I never rememeber), one heartburn supresor so I might actually be able to lay down to sleep, and a Flintstone chewable. Man those things taste so good. They are my reward for actually remember to take all my pills every day and probably the only reason I do.
6- I forget. I forget things like words of things (cabanet, mail being my favorite), I forget people's birthdays. I forget to pay bills or I forget that I have already paid a bill and pay it twice. I never forget to eat, though. Or anything important with Butterfly. But everything else, so sorry if I've forgotten.

There you go. I was resting my arm on my belly thinking of something to write and I got a definite hand or foot swipe, along with a very hard push against my arm. It was slowly lifting my arm in the air and then suddenly went away when I felt the other baby move. It's fun to be pregnant with twins. :)


PS- The spell check function seems to be on the fritz. Sorry about the misspellings.

PPS- No tags for anyone...if you wish to play along, then do so! :)


  1. I am so sorry about the insomnia. It's funny how pregnancies can be so different, isn't it? You had me cracking up over your 6 things. And here I thought I knew you! :P

  2. Hehe Laura! I thought I knew myself as well. :) Help I'm being taken over! ;)


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