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Monday, February 11, 2008

89 Days Till Due Date


It seems weird to me that I am now in the 80's with my days until my due date. That means I only have about 9 weeks left (or so). It still doesn't seem real to me that we will have babies in the near future. I am starting to think about all the things we have to do to prepare for these guys, but thinking is as far as I'm going. Want to hear? No? Too bad. :)

Clean out dresser. I have a nice big dresser I bought for Butterfly that I could fill with all of her stuff when she was tiny. Now, I only use about 4 of the 6 drawers. I think if I clean out one more drawer I can have 3 drawers for Butterfly, and 3 for the twins.

Clean out beside my bed. There's a fan, a bunch of Butterfly books, and other assorted junk right next to my bed. I'd like to clean it out so we can actually fit the bassinet there for when they are little.

Wash clothes. I have been getting a few clothes for these guys from my mom, friends, and people at church. I'd like to just wash them all and put them away so when they come, they actually have something to wear. My mom's of multiples group has a premie loaner closet so if I need some tiny tiny clothes, I can just borrow them. I will probably wait to wash everything until after my shower. That way, things can just be washed all at once. I'm going to need another mesh laundry bag for all the tiny baby socks since the one I have is totally thrashed.

Talk to Juice's family about help. Juice has 2 nieces who are 15 and 17 years old. We want one of them to come and help us over the summer and live with us. Either girl would be fine, it's just a matter of who really wants to give up her entire summer and friends for us and our tiny house and 2 screaming babies and a 3 year old. Since my SIL is also having twins, the other can go get 2 screaming baby experience at her house. But like she said, it's not as glamorous as coming here. We've talked to their parents, both of the girls, and have created quite a stir in their family. Turns out each one is giving reasons why they other should stay behind. Hopefully we'll be able to decide that sometime this week.

That's all that really buzzing around in my head today. That and the fact that I pulled a muscle in my back last night sleeping (how, I have no idea!) and now my back all the way down to my calves is cramping. Good times, good times. Looks like I need to start up my yoga again.


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  1. Hey yesterday we had weather that was above 70. The last time we had weather that warm was only 82 days ago...November 20th. That time really flew past so maybe you won't be pregnant forever after all! I"m taking my nanny home in 2 weeks and it makes me sad. Good luck securing some help for the summer. :)


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