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Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Is anyone else having a really hard time loading this page? My mom is complaining about it to me, and it does take a lot longer than it used to to load up the content. I've checked blogger, but it doesn't seem to be a known issue (that I can find). Maybe it will go away on it's own. Maybe.

Sleep is bad again. Feeling drained and droopy. Only want to eat Mexican food and pancakes. Yes, at the same time.

Butterfly just got a sandwich out of the fridge I had made for her earlier and she said, "How amazing! A sandwich!" So cute.



  1. Yes I was but not today. The bottom where it tells you what it's doing would get stuck with something about embarq on mine. Maybe you should look up mexican pancakes...like cornmeal pancakes with chilies and salsa/sour cream on top? I have a muffin recipe I'll bet you could convert. :)

  2. Hmmm...I took off a bunch of stuff so hopefully it will load better.

    As for Mexican pancakes, I don't want them to mix, I just want to eat them at the same time. I still love the spiciness of it, and then the sweet filling pancakes on top of it...yum!

  3. It's working a lot better for me too. :) Glad you figured something out!

  4. When I tried to view your blog it had no problem loading everything, I just couldn't see the "half a day" post until today . . . maybe the problem got fixed on it's own cause I had no problems today.

  5. It took a couple tries for me to load yesterday, but today it is working great!

  6. Maybe it's all better today because it seemed to load quickly for me.

    Mexican and pancakes sound fabulous - LOL!!

  7. I haven't been able to get any of your posts to show up, but I could see everything else on your page. It always said "done" on the bottom left hand side, so it never showed the green bar trying to load anything. But it is working today! :)

  8. I never had a problem with things NOT loading...they just took a while. It's going much faster now, though.

    Zuke and I have a package that we need to send you for your babies...and I'm sure that one of these days I'll have the energy to get to the post office and mail it! Hope things are going well!! We're excited to see you guys and meet your two new additions sometime this summer!

  9. Your page must be fixed, because it didn't take long to load for me.
    I am a first time visitor. Saw that you commented on Amalah's site about differences between pregnancies and I noticed you had a girl first and now twin boys.

    I have twin boys (who are now amazingly enough 28 months old!!) and a baby girl who is 8 months old. I thought we would have a lot in common. 28 weeks, wow, hang in there!


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