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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Doctor Visit, Another Update


Today was my regular visit with my perinatologist. Dr. SA was out of town today so I saw another doctor in the practice. Dr. Other we'll call him. He was nice, but I missed Dr. SA. I sat for almost an hour in the waiting room waiting for my appointment. I don't like that. I think that if I'm going to do my best to be on time, they should as well. Maybe they had an emergency or something. Either way, by the time I got back in the exam room, I was tired and ready to go home.

But, first things first. They checked my cervix and all is well. No signs of preterm labor there! Yay! It's always my biggest fear that things are changing and I don't know it. Not to worry, I'm doing "exceptionally well".

Baby A is breech with his little feet tucked under his cute tushie. It's called complete breech. No wonder I feel his kicks all over my lower abdomen. He is on my left side, facing his brother today. Baby B is also breech. But he is in position called frank breech because he is folded in half. It's really interesting to see the ultrasound of his head, and then his feet like rabbit ears on top of his skull.

Dr. Other said at this point, if I were to go into labor it would be a c-section. However, I still have time and I guess babies tend to turn on their own (or so I've been reading while trying to find pictures of breech positions. You can google it as well as I can.) and sometimes turn as late as 36 weeks. Now, it's a little different with twins, but we shall see.

The heart arrhythmia is gone, so that is good. Baby A is 2 lbs, 7 oz and Baby B is 2 lbs 12 oz. That's a big difference. An 18% difference. Now, he's not too worried about it, but it's worth watching. He said that typically he does see Baby B being bigger because there is more room at the top of the uterus than there is below. Baby A is growing fine. The only time they would be worried about it is if Baby A stops growing or there's a bigger than 25% difference. He said he really only sees Baby B being smaller if Baby B is a girl. And since we are having boys, Baby B gets to be a tank (his word, not mine).

Fluid looks good, hearts are steady and healthy, and Baby A had the hiccups again. They both kept putting their hands in front of their faces when we tried to look at them. But they were hard to see anyway since they are facing each other. I can just see them plotting to do something mischievous.

Having boys is going to be so much fun! Right? Right?!


PS- I won a print from Illustrator Mommy! It's an 8x10 of the Mayflower. And since we are doing the boys' nursery in sail boats, this will be perfect!! I'm so excited!


  1. Sorry you had to wait so long in the office, but it sounds like good news all around. :) Congrats on the print! I can't wait to see it. Free stuff is always the best!

  2. Yeah for good news!! Keep those boys bakin'!


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