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Saturday, February 02, 2008



Butterfly was exceptionally cute today. (Well, the time I saw her since I spent half the day at the store helping my friend finish her registry.) She came up to me today and said, "We're friends, right?"


"And I like you."

"I like you too, sweetheart."

"And Daddy. He is the bestest Daddy ever."

"Yes, he is your bestest Daddy. We love Daddy, don't we?"

"I do. But you make him do things."

"So true, Baby Girl. So true."

Apparently doing things is not high on her list of fun things. I don't know why because Juice includes her in pretty much everything he does and makes it fun for her. Including measuring the upstairs so he can continue to build our house on auto CAD. Let me tell you, not something that I imagined a 2 year old enjoying doing.

For nights now she has been begging to have her pillow and blanket situated just like "the girl." We could not figure out who "the girl" was. We let her arrange it how she wanted to because she would sleep. And I have to admit we are more interested in getting her to sleep than figuring out who "the girl" was. And then, it dawned on us this morning. She has fallen in love with a book about Monsters Inc. and there's a picture in there about Boo sleeping with her pillow just so. Ahhh...insights into a 2 year old's mind.

She is one of the cutest, sweetest little girls I have ever met. Yesterday she wanted to play doctor and had to look in my ears and eyes and count my teeth and measure my belly. It was just so sweet to see her pretending to be something that she has seen a lot of.



  1. Soooo cute. It's funny that she liked doing the measuring and that she had to have her pillow just so. Precise little girl!

  2. Cute! She's really picking up on everything going on around her, isn't she? Smart girl!

  3. That picture is ADORABLE!

    And, I love the line, "We're friends, right?"


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