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Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day


I guess it's only once every 4 years that I get to talk about today. So here I am, going to talk about today.

We all got to bed very late last night on account of the class. (More in another post about that.) Juice got up early and went to work as usual. Butterfly slept until about 9am, where she got up and brought me a 'flower' (her blanket) like she does every morning. She really is a very sunny girl in the morning, and loves to just start into playing. I think it's because I insist on her eating before we play that we have our little morning break downs. But this morning she was quite happy to sit and eat her cereal while I tested my blood and made myself a waffle. (Okay, I toasted a frozen one I made about a week ago.) Levels at 76, so I enjoyed my whole wheat waffle and syrup and a big glass of milk. Yum!

Butterfly did not want to watch a show after breakfast (huge, it's her normal routine so I can shower) and so we played with her airplane. And we played with her alphabet puzzle. I got too tired to do much else, and she played for awhile while I browsed on my lapple.

She decided that she wanted to go upstairs to change her diaper, and then she decided she wanted to stay upstairs and watch a show there. Okay, fine. She got dressed, she picked out Dumbo, she sat on my bed and watched it while I showered. Honestly she probably jumped on my bed the whole time but I don't really care. When I emerged from the bathroom, she was enjoying the movie and jumping right in the middle. So I laid down on the edge and watched the movie with her. And then I fell asleep.

Butterfly cried that she couldn't jump anymore (too tired) and so she laid down next to me and finished Dumbo up. Did you know that the Dumbo dvd is on a continuous loop? I didn't. Now I do because I fell asleep again and woke up about half way through the movie. Again. I dozed, answered Butterfly's questions, and painfully sat up. (Apparently too much walking yesterday, my hips hurt!)

Wait, it was 2pm! And she hadn't had lunch and was an hour late for a nap she desperately needed. So I sleepily go downstairs to make her lunch and Juice shows up from work because he is done with work. Juice takes over her lunch prep and she whines/cries all through lunch. She eats, she cries, she laughs, she bawls, she hangs on Juice and won't be consoled.

He takes her up for a nap, and she stalls and cries and won't be consoled. Finally, he leaves her crying in her room and comes down to crash on the couch. I go up because I hear her crying for 'mommy red bird' (which is her name for me right now, Juice is 'daddy blue bird' and she is 'baby red bird'. Very cute.) Anyway, she and I snuggle for a minute, I find her favorite blanket, she gets to listen to her favorite book on CD and she goes down. Both her and Juice sleep for a few hours.

Juice gets up, takes the dog out, and I am just now starting to hear Butterfly stirring in her bed. I've just taken my blood sugar after lunch (100) and had a snack. Now the boys are stretching and moving and letting me know they are okay. Thanks guys!

We will probably have hamburgers for dinner, stay in and do as little as possible. And bed early for everyone. What an exciting Leap Day.


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  1. I missed lunches and naps too when I was pg -- wait it has happened even when I was pg! Hope you are resting and those boys are as active as Butterfly!


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