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Friday, February 22, 2008

Guess What This Means


So who knows what this is? And can anyone guess what news I got at my doctor's appointment yesterday?

Yeah, I have gestational diabetes. NOT COOL. Eating for me is so horrible during pregnancy anyway that this is a real blow. I hate the diet. It's stressing me out. I feel like it's just one more thing on top of not sleeping, feeling huge, and trying to deal with my wreck of a house and a very active 2.5 year old. So not only do I not sleep, I don't eat really either.

My doctor's office gave me a meal plan set at 2200 calories a day. I kept asking the girl (whom I thought was a diet person but now I think is just an RN) if this was okay for twins. I always heard I needed to eat more than a singleton pregnancy. I have only gained 27 lbs so far (which is great, I think) and she kept telling me they didn't want me to gain much more than that. Aren't I supposed to gain 40-50 lbs with twins? Or am I just getting my information from bad sources?

Anyway, I now have to test my blood sugar 4 times a day (before breakfast, 2 hours after each meal). The box for the meter says, "Now with less pain!" Fills me with a great desire to use it, let me tell you. (I got a bad meter from the pharmacy...the company is sending me a new one hopefully tomorrow so I can start testing. Luckily my insurance covers it.)

Other than this stupid life changing news, everything else is great. My blood pressure is very low (110 over 60) and I am measuring around 32 weeks (they must have a better tape measure than mine at home because I thought I was measuring around 40 weeks). I only gained 2 lbs these 3 weeks. Both babies look fabulous and Baby B has flipped around so he is no longer breech. I go back and see them in 2 weeks, or if my blood sugar is consistently high. I feel like calling the office and begging them just to put me on insulin because I really don't think I can handle this diet.

Because no ice cream, no pancakes (well, no syrup and honestly, who wants a pancake plain?), no guac, so no Mexican food like I like it...it's just so depressing.

29 weeks and the weeks can't fly by fast enough.


PS- Thanks for all the input about the slowness of the blog. I took away some things and hopefully that will continue to help. :) And it's nice to know that I have readers! :)


  1. awwww man - that sucks. Sorry, hun =/

    At least you only have to deal with it for a couple months. hmm..that didn't sound as comforting as I wanted it to.

    So, my doc told me that I shouldn't eat more for twins. (of course, I started out with about 10 extra lbs from the last 2 kids..heh...) I've heard 30-35lbs for twins. So, you seem spot on to me.

    I've been neglecting my scale, so I've no idea how much I've gained so far ...lol

  2. ((((hugs))))) I'm sorry you are having to deal with all this. Did they give you any recipes that might help food seem appetizing??

  3. Sorry to hear you have GD, it's not fun at all! Just try to eat a lot of protein, that's what I did and it really helped. Lots of eggs and peanut butter :)

    The lancet doesn't hurt hardly at all, so don't be scared.

    Instead of being put on insulin toward the end my doc had me take glyburide and it worked really well for me. I thought it was a much better solution than insulin shots.

    Good luck, you only have a few more weeks, you can do it!

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  5. Oh No! With 2 sisters in law with Diabetes I knew what that was on first sight!If you can test on your arm my sisters in law say it doesn't hurt as bad. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to have show up in the mail. Good Luck! Just focus on how much every day helps the boys.

  6. ugh. sorry about the GD. 29 weeks is good, though -keep it up! yeah, follow your Drs orders carefully if you can - and load up like crazy on the lean protein protein protein. i was eating tons of eggwhites and tofu and stuff. my twins came out at 37 weeks and were 6lbs8oz and 6lbs11oz (bedrest, too). good luck... we'll be reading!

  7. Im so sorry to hear about this. i was laying in bed tonight thinking about what i could make you to eat that was still really yummy. Ive got nothing. Not because there is NOTHING out there... its just that i cant cook so i have no ideas. Im going to keep thinking though. You are such a trooper though. TWO babies and i sat around and complained with just Lexi allllll day and night!

    Okay... back to thinking.

  8. Lots of good advice here, especially about the protein. As far as ice cream is concerned, try the sugar free at Coldstone and other places. Mexican, well you can manage your carb intake with some protein, so cut out the rice, keep the guac and go for the machaca beef.

    I use a similar device myself and it is painless for me. I test on my forearm, not my fingers. Oh, and the swell of your palm works ok too.

    A big hug from Dad, it will be over before you know it.

  9. oh, dang........I'm so sorry you've got that to add to the big list of stuff to worry about. *hugs*

  10. You're KIDDING! I gained 35+ lbs. with Kate and am on my way up there this time around. 27 for TWINS? This sounds like the Dark Ages (i.e. when Travis was born) and they used to be so strict about limiting weight gain... (for example, his mom gained a grand total of 20 lbs. with TRIPLETS. Leaving one of them stillborn. Yeah probably your first sign it's not a good idea!) Well I am proud of you for being so diligent on this diet. I'd say listen to your own body as well though. (Although I listen to mine and it mostly leads me toward chocolate and jelly beans.) I laughed so hard at the "Now with less pain!" label! Oh boy! Some sunny-side-up optimists hard at work on that marketing scheme!

  11. Thanks for all the good suggestions and hugs guys. It's making it go a little better knowing that I have so many people behind me with this. :)


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