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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Dream


With Butterfly, I had horrific vivid nightmares at least once a week. Mostly they involved Juice dying. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I had some vivid dreams, but not as many as I had with Butterfly. And most were not of Juice dying.

Last night, I had a very vivid dream. I was on a jungle safari and hearing the animals growl and howl and do all the animal sounds that I imagine would happen at night in the jungle. They were getting closer and I was getting increasingly worried. I was in a tent and every time I would hear a growl, I would sit up in my sleeping bag. The last one was so loud and right beside my head that I sat up shaking.

Literally, I sat myself up in bed shaking because the noise was so real. It was morning in my own bedroom and Juice and Butterfly were still sleeping. I was not in the jungle. But the sound happened again. It was my stomach! It had been growling because I can't ever fill it enough. It was nice to have breakfast on my own today, but I wish my body would not wake me up so early to eat.

Speaking of eating, Juice and I talk a lot about Butterfly and her inheritance of Jeff's 'third leg'. That girl can put away some food! Last night we went to the pancake place for free pancakes and she ate 2 whole ones. I ate 2 and was full. She was still going strong on the third but we ran out of juice and she declared herself done.

Anyway, back to the leg. She has started saying things like, "My leg is hungry. My leg is empty. My leg needs to be fulled up. My leg wants to eat an elephant. (It's a line from a book.)" Too cute!



  1. What a dream! I used to have scary dreams every time I slept with a humidifier on. But your stomach being loud enough to wake you?? Oh boy! I always love hearing the cute things Butterfly says. :)

  2. That is just tooo funny! My leg is hungry...hah! I ate a lot when I was little also, so she gets a double shot. She has energy to burn and an amazing brain. Just think of three of those "binar" kids.

  3. Also, sorry about the dreaming...I get them too.


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