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Monday, February 04, 2008

Poor Daddy


Juice is sitting here reading over my shoulder and I asked him what I should post about today. He said I should post about how he had to stay at work. Poor Daddy. All day at work with adults and the chance to eat all of his own food.

He laughs and says he was locked in a dark room, had too much conversation with other people, and had too many meetings. He did get to eat all of his lunch though. (He says with a smirk.) (And he's laughing at me for my lack of proper punctuation. I ask, who is the English major here?!)

I had to wake Butterfly up from a nap today to actually go and pick him up from work. When I asked her if she wanted to go pick up Daddy, she said, "No! I don't want Daddy! He has to stay at work ALL NIGHT LONG!" and flung herself back on her bed. I had to call him up and tell him that we would not be picking him up for a while. I had to convince Butterfly that we liked having Daddy home in the evenings. Especially Mommy. Because then Mommy can sit on the couch with her lap top and watch them play. It's very nice for Mommy. :)

(But I'm not letting him read over my shoulder anymore. He keeps picking on my word usage, spelling and grammar!)

Oh, and we did finally go get him. Thanks to some dried apricots that made Butterfly stop crying in a pinch. Gotta love those things.


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