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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just A Quick Update


Butterfly is taking a champion nap today and I will have to go wake her up in about 20 minutes so she can go off to the babysitter's for the evening. We are off to a multiple birth class downtown. Butterfly will spend the evening with the family I used to babysit for. She knows the house, the girls, the routine, etc. We probably won't be home until 10:30pm or so and since it's a school night, I didn't want to ask our regular teenage babysitter. Still, it will be fun for her to have a chance to play with some kids and get out of the house.

I have been watching all those daytime baby shows on tv the past couple of days. Almost every single one of them say something like this: "Can you imagine 2 of them?" or "Twins, one is hard enough!" Having a baby is hard. I'm actually glad we're having twins the second time around because I know a little of what to expect. Although, having one already makes me know what to expect and oh boy...it's going to be...interesting. But that's another post I'm working on.

Gestational diabetes has been going really well actually. In 4 days, I've only had one reading over 120 2 hours after a meal. (That's the cut off my doc gave me.) And I was only at 130 so it wasn't terrible. I'm slowly getting used to sticking my fingers. I'm slowly getting used to eating every 2 hours or so. And I feel like I eat a little bit more than before. Sort of. Let's just say I feel fuller which is good. And I've found that my blood sugar is positively pathetic in the mornings (less than 60), and I can have waffles and syrup every day and it doesn't do anything to my levels the rest of the day. Yum!!!

Alright, time to go pack her bag and get all ready to go. As Butterfly says after she's done talking on the phone, "Okay, talk to you later! Bye!"


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  1. Hope your class was fun and that Butterfly enjoyed her little night-time play date. Glad to hear that the diet is going smoothly!


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