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Monday, September 29, 2008

Boys Sleeping


I thought I would comment right now on the fact that I put both boys to bed awake tonight and there was no crying. There was some talking to each other, but there was no huge screams. Ahh...I love it when it goes like this. Since I blogged about it, the rest of my week will be awful but I wanted to record this so all week long I can remind myself that it did go well. Once.

They are both sleeping in the same crib right now in their own room. I tried to put them back into their bassinets 2 days ago for something and they are just huge in them! Half a crib seems to be the right size right now. Juice and I are arguing over what we are going to do with the rest of the room when the other crib is needed. Do we take down the computer desk and store it in the attic for awhile? Do we leave it up? Do we move it downstairs and move the computer desk downstairs to the attic? Do we move it into our dining room and move the time out chair another place? (probably the attic). I think either way, something has got to go into the attic. My vote is to leave the desk in there and pray we won't be in this house when they start crawling out of their cribs. Juice wants to move the rocking chair that we currently have in Butterfly's room into their room and there is no room for 2 cribs, computer desk and rocking chair. I'm all about leaving the chair in Butterfly's room but it would be nice to be in their room just for a place to sit down. I wouldn't mind taking down the desk and putting it in the attic but then what do we do with the computer that's there? And the printer? It won't fit downstairs. Something to think about.

Oh, I was talking about sleep. Let's lay out their schedule, shall we?

7:30-8am: Up for day, dressed, changed and downstairs for play
8am-9:30 or 10am: Play time with Butterfly (mostly rolling on the floor right now, some peekaboo, some patty cake)
10am: Feeding and down for nap no matter what. (Professor is pushing this earlier lately...9:30)
10-12: Nap time. Most of it's nap, some of it's nursing, some is both.
12-2: play time or errands for Mommy
2-4 or 5pm: Nap #2. Again, some nursing in the middle. Butterfly "quiet time" of either playing in her room or sleeping
4-5:30pm: Play time with Butterfly and Daddy! Yay Daddy!
5:30-6:30pm: scream through dinner making bolting food a habit for the adults in this house, be bounced at the table, given toys, little sips of water and still scream/rub eyes/look at parents like we must be crazy to keep them awake this long!
6:30pm: Get ready for bed. Pjs, new diapers, bounce on the bed a little (yay Daddy!), nurse and hold hands with Brother
7pm: Down for bed no matter what. Talk, roll, scream, cry, growl, whine, suck thumbs and binkies, etc.
7:15pm: All should be quiet on the front, Butterfly bedtime
10:30-11pm: Professor wakes up for a snack
2am: Professor wakes up for a snack and sometimes I feed Pirate too because I am uncomfortable
5am: Professor wakes up for a snack (do you see a theme?), and Pirate gets one too
7am: More eating and sleeping in bed with Mommy. Daddy gone to work, Butterfly up and dressing herself to play downstairs
7:30-8am: Morning Happy!

It's not unreasonable. I get things done while they are playing or I can push nap times around if we are going out. I do make sure that they are sleeping in their own beds for that afternoon nap. Mostly because I've gotten it to be a habit for Butterfly and she needs it. Or more importantly, I need nap time to have my one break from kids during the day. It keeps me sane.

Of course I have hiccoughs. Of course I don't always do this schedule. But it's the one I try to go by in my head.



  1. Naps would have definitely gone on my important list if I had made the list a few years ago! Your schedule is more hectic than mine!!

  2. Wow. You sound so organized! Cute boys. I hope they sleep through the night for you soon. That's been my one lucky break.

  3. WOw! Sounds like youve got it so togther! I think id still be in a closet- hiding from my 3 kids! Have you given them solids yet??

  4. I totally agree with the Mom needing the nap hour(s) just as much as the kids do. I sympathize with the furniture-shifting space problem. I have dealt with the same thing at our house, with 7 of us sharing 3 rooms. It's like a puzzle with really big pieces.

  5. praise to the woman with a toddler and twins!

  6. You are rockin' the momma of toodler & twins thing!! You schedule sounds great -- and glad to hear you are able to rest too! ;)

  7. Hey, thanks for getting in touch with me! Where in MD do you live? We're down south. Small world! I look forward to following your blog now too! What are you guys here for? It's so nice to hear from you. Good luck with your beautiful family!



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