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Monday, September 08, 2008

Utah Day 23- Mink's House


After a very long Sunday and a pretty late night, Juice let me sleep in. Of course, he didn't know that I had plans! Of course I have plans! So I got off to a very late start. I was over an hour late to BFF Mink's house. I didn't even pull the kids out of the car before we ran off to my 1st year at Ricks roommate's house. She and I and Mink were inseparable our last year of high school. We decided it would be fun to be tourists in a place we'd lived forever and saw a lot of the really neat stuff that Utah has to offer that year. One memorable trip was to the silver mine in Park City. I don't think it's open anymore but I have some great pictures from it and a memory of driving through Parley's Canyon in a spring snow storm. Scary!

Anyway, T and I went off to Ricks together, and Mink stayed behind in Utah. She did come up and see us a few times, though. T and I had so much fun together at Ricks. I loved having her be my best friend and my roommate. She was entertaining, even in her sleep. She talked. A lot. The most memorable being about a boy she was dating at the time...hehe...that was so funny!

She met her now husband our second semester there at the beginning of the semester dance. (Ricks was big into dances...they had a lot.) He came to eat lunch with her one day, and by the next week they were engaged. Gotta love those super fast engagements! I was a bride's maid at her wedding, and we kind of kept in touch. She came to my baby shower with Butterfly. They lived in PA for awhile in Hershey and we went to see them one evening.

I hadn't seen her in over 2 years so I figured now was the time to see her and meet her youngest boy. We didn't stay long (hungry kids) but we had a really nice visit. I was reminded why we were all good friends in high school and how much fun we had at college together. I wish we could have stayed longer or visited more, but I suppose that's a time for another visit.

After her house, I got a little lost getting back to Mink's house. But we had a nice visit there and I don't think I left until 4:30. Mink and I can talk! We had a great time and I've loved being with her pretty much every day this trip. If we lived in Utah, I'd make sure that I lived near her because we just get along. We understand and love each other and everyone needs someone like that. I would love our girls to be friends too.

Funny quotes from these girls:

Spider "Girl!" (What she called Butterfly the first day.)
Butterfly *big sigh* "I love Spider's house. It's so clean!"
Spider "I comin' Fly! I comin'!" (when pulling up to my parent's house)
Butterfly "Spider? Spider is coming? Yay Hoorray I love Spider when she coming!"


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