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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Utah Day 17- Roommates


This morning I was able to meet up with 2 of my roommates from college, Michelle and Julia and their kids. It was great to see Michelle especially because I don't think I've seen her since our year at Ricks ended.

I have vivid memories of that year. It was probably my most demanding year socially. We had a roommate that we did not get along with. (We being Julia and I.) It was the year I had my horse and I think fondly back on that often. I remember Michelle sitting on the counter to do her makeup. I remember when her and her husband started dating that year. I remember our food fight at the beginning of the year. I remember another roommate buying herself a fake diamond ring (don't remember the reasons) and having it get caught between a chair and the wall and having the stone crack. I remember walking to class with another roommate and hearing her magnetic atom kit rocking in her back pack.

I remember getting a lot of A's that year. I remember feeling like I had hit my stride with school and I felt like I was acing everything except French. (I did too.) I went to a lot of dances with Julia on Wednesdays. I didn't dance much beyond the line dances, but I felt it was important to go and have a good time. I met the girl who became my roommate at BYU the next year. I think I feel like I changed the most that year. I think about it often.

So it was great to see Michelle and Julia and see how much we have changed in 7 years! Michelle assures me she still sits on the counter to do her makeup. Julia still has a great laugh. It's amazing to see them being mothers. And good ones too! Sometimes I wish we could go back to that year and all it's crazy hard fun times. But I know that we wouldn't give up these kids now for anything.

Who knows, maybe we'll see our kids being roommates one day. That would be weird and cool at the same time!



  1. How fun to see your old roommates! Those college years are full of vivid memories for me, too.

  2. Thanks for organizing our get together. It was fun to see you and let the kids play for a while, even with the tantrums that were thrown by my children! I can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. I'm glad we could get together yesterday. Makes for a fun time now that I live close enough to see you when you come out and visit!


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