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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utah Day 28- Happy Birthday Me!


It was so much fun to have my birthday with my family this year! It seems a little small when people just call (I do love the calls in Maryland...it just seems to be missing something) and this year I had a blast! We had everyone over for cake and ice cream. That was fun. Butterfly helped me pick out the cake and we had way too much ice cream. But it looked so good at the store! I only had a tiny helping of it all because I was still feeling a little ill. Butterfly ate the frosting off of her piece and then ran around playing with Bee and Brother Bee and other cousins who came.

My family left around 4:30-5pm or so and we had a few friends stay longer. We were trying to play rock band on my dad's big theater downstairs but the sync was off so we could never do it. Once all the family left and my dad fiddled with it more, we had a blast! Juice's two best friends came and they stayed till almost midnight playing the game. My BFF Mink came but had to go because of a prior commitment. I am going to miss her!

After I got my fill of rock band, I went upstairs to take care of babies and to hang out on the computer with my mom looking at pictures. I am late for bed so this will be kind of short. We leave early early tomorrow morning. I think I am going to miss being here.

Presents included: a new card game (thanks Aunt Bee!), some money (thanks Nana and Grandpa Great and Grandma and Grandpa!), a new dress (thanks Mom! I can't wait to use it.) and new clothes for my kids (thanks again Nana and Grandpa Great!). A good day.



  1. You look great in that picture Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy late birthday! I'm glad you're home and can start getting back to normal life, even if it means I won't likely see you for quite a while. At least it won't be another 8 years!


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