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Monday, September 01, 2008

Utah Day 15- Music and the Spoken Word


I went to see my brother sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir this morning. Every Sunday they have their Music and the Spoken Word broadcast. I think today was #4158. Yes, they have been doing it every week for close to 80 years. It was really cool to see him sing and to see all of the production stuff that goes behind the scenes for their broadcast. I was going to type up a bunch of stuff on them today but I am exhausted and so you get links. To learn more, see here.

We were running very late so I forgot my camera. I was so sad! I wanted to get a picture of him, or at least a picture of the whole choir singing. Once upon a time I thought I posted a video of them singing but I can't find it so no links there. And then once I thought he had a picture of him singing in the choir on his blog but I can't find it there either. So no pictures at all. Go to the website above to see what it looks like.

I think I must really be tired.

We went to Juice's ward where he grew up and showed off the kids. Everyone loves the twins. It's so fun to have them. We love them too.

Both boys have been cluster feeding in the evening and I think they may be coming up on a growth spurt. It makes me hungry and tired. It's been raining all evening and we were planning on going fishing tomorrow but we may have to postpone that. I don't know if I'm ready to take everyone up to the mountains in the mud. We'll see.



  1. Yep they are the right age to outgrown all those clothes you bought -time to go shopping!! What size do they wear? I'm always impressed that your brother sings for the MoTab, how cool is that!

  2. Too bad you forgot the camera (can you try again another week?) but how fun it must be to see your brother singing in THE choir.

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    All three of your children made quite an impression. Everyone wanted to see for whom the prayers were said. They weren't disappointed. The boys smiled and responded to all who looked at them. Very cute! Gma

  4. Valinda, they finally made it to 3-6 month old clothes. These babies are a lot smaller than Butterfly was!

    Laura, I wish I could but there's a baby blessing next week and the next week we come home! Next time.

    Gma, thanks!

  5. I just noticed you are/were in Utah. CALL ME! Or email me, or blog me, or let me know if you're coming to Utah County at all, before you go home. Or if you're already home, darn, sorry I missed you.
    When you were at Music and the Spoken Word, did you notice the artwork during the spoken word? The first guy (Michelangelo) was played by your sister's old boyfriend. The second one is my father-in-law playing a revolutionary war soldier. And the third is just Marie Curie playing herself.


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