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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Utah Day 14- Moose and Cougers


It was a busy day today. We got up early and headed out to the huge enormous so big it has it's own aquarium sports equipment store today and had breakfast. We were met there by Mink and Spider. We had a wonderful buffet breakfast (which I think I ate the most out of all of us...) and then we walked around the store. I bought a few new t-shirts and a new pair of pants. Sadly, twins have done some damage to my stomach and none of my jeans at home fit me. (They call it twin-skin because your stomach is just a mass of stretched out skin.) So if I want to wear something besides my shorts this winter, I thought I better get some interim jeans. I hope I only ever have to wear these jeans after I have a baby! Hopefully I can go back to my old ones soon.

Anyway, after watching them feed the trout and getting fishing licences for my dad and me for our fishing trip next week, we came home for a quiet afternoon. (The store even has a dog kennel and horse corral! So you can ride your horse to the store if you want! Sweet!)

The boys had some pretty good naps, and I read a little of Breaking Dawn. Good book! We decided to go to Provo this afternoon and headed out as soon as the boys were awake.

We took our own sweet time getting to the bookstore at BYU and we missed it by 7 minutes. It closed! I thought it might have closed for the football game they had going on but no, it really just closes at 6pm on Saturday. So we got some jamba juice (waited forever for it too) and walked down the little river path they have by the bell tower. I was glad I brought my camera and got some pretty good shots of Butterfly.

We stopped by Sensuous Sandwich, and off home. Baths, books and beds were had by all.



  1. I want a horsie ride to the store. Can I, Mommy? Can I? Can I? Please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Great pic of Butterfly!

  3. I know that store! I didn't know you could ride your horse to the store. That's a hoot! I wonder how many people actually do it. Too bad about the bookstore closing so early. Hopefully you can make it again soon.


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