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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Busy busy busy


We have been busy here. Out playing! Today is a day to recover so I hope to get the rest of the pictures organized and maybe a nap. I am tired!

On Monday we were able to go to Annapolis with my friend Laura and her little boy Andrew. Butterfly and Andrew are a week apart. Included in this trip was a trip to the water front, a tour of public bathrooms with 2 newly potty trained 3 year olds, and lunch outside. We had a great time and apparently I didn't take any pictures worth showing. So here are a few that Laura took.

Bee's one request when she was visiting here was to go to the beach. Funny, that was Flower's request as well! So we packed up the car and drove out to the beach. We had been there with Flower just a few months before. We had a few friends invited but they were unable to make it due to tire trouble. We still had a pretty good time. It was very windy that day and my little shade thing kept blowing over. We ended up taking down almost half of it which at least gave us a little square of shade.

We had to leave the bug netting off. I didn't think it would be a big deal but apparently it was. The biting flies were ferocious! Poor little Professor got bitten on his head and he was UNHAPPY. I don't blame him because they bit me on my ankles several times. Ouch! At least we had a tiny pup tent for Butterfly that I commandeered for the boys and they took a small nap inside.

Today at the beach was full of marine wildlife. Beyond the several seagulls (which Butterfly calls geese) and the tiny fish in the surf, we saw some baby crabs, a horse shoe crab, and jelly fish! The jelly fish were annoying. They were big and hurt! Both Bee and I got stung and we didn't even go swimming that deep. The jelly fish also made it so Butterfly did not want to be in the water. We had fun playing in the sand and eating hot dogs and enjoying the sound of the water. Juice did not have as good of a time this time. It was hot, the flies were bad and I frequently left him with both boys to go play in the surf with Butterfly and Bee. I had a great time. So did Bee. But this is a big note to myself: go to the beach in June and not August.

In between playing around the area with Bee, we've been having some down days. We've been playing some card games and watching a lot of movies. It's been great to have someone here to play with Butterfly. She has declared Bee her cousin and not mine. I apparently can't have any cousins. I think it's fun that she loves our helpers so much. It makes it that much easier!

Tomorrow we're off on another adventure!



  1. I love downtown Annapolis. It's so beautiful. Have you ever gone in May to see the air show for Point graduation? If you look at the Point website, you can find out when the practices are and go to one of those - it's a lot quieter and more fun than trying to watch on graduation day.

    I miss Annapolis mall. The malls up here in WA county are terrible, sad places.

    What beach is this, Sandy Point?

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. I don't think there is a better way to enjoy the summer with kids than the beach.


  3. Another beach day! FUN! You get around! 3 kids and ALL! I envy you! So im confused... what the heck is that thing in the last picture? A crab? Is that its shell?? Or is it in a bucket or something? Forgive my stupidity... i grew up in AZ and I dont think Ive really ever seen a crab before... if thats its shell its legs look really small? IM CONFUSED!!!

  4. Hi, it looks like a unique day at the beach. Actually, Lis, it's a horseshoe crab. Kind of prehistoric looking in my mind.

  5. Annapolis was fun!! I'm sad I missed this week's beach trip...but I do finally have new tires!

  6. Astarte- I haven't been there for the air show. Juice would like it! I'll have to look for it. Sandy Point State Park is on the Chesapeake...about 40 minutes from DC. We love it! If you google Sandy Point State Park MD, you will find it. Go! It's fun!

    MK- I'd have to agree, although it's hard with infants.

    Lis- I wish you could have been there! And yes, like my dad said, that is a horseshoe crab. The bottom of it. Not shown is a huge long tail as well. Strange thing!

    Dad- It was. Thanks!

    Laura- It was fun! We'll have to go to the beach again...maybe in the fall when your older kids are in school and we can just walk up and down the shore or something.

  7. Hey there! No, I was asking you if these photos were taken at Sandy Point - we've been there a hundred times! It's such a peaceful place during the week. We don't really live close enough anymore to go there - we live in Washington County now. There are a lot of lakes up here, though, which is really nice, but I DO miss the salty water.


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