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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Utah Day 10- Children's Garden


Today I went with my best friend and my mom to the Children's Garden here. Between us we had 5 kids. (Butterfly, Pirate, Professor, Cappy, and Spider (Mink's daughter). We had a great time! Right when you go in there is a huge sculpture of Noah's Ark. The boat has animals hanging out windows and out the top. It sits in a shallow pool of water and at different times different animals spout out water. Since today was 2 dollar day, the place was packed! Butterfly instantly wanted to go into the water and waded a bit before she went with Nana over to the jumping water fountains. She loves the water.

I fed the boys, we changed several diapers, and Butterfly got very wet. So we decided to go look at the bear cave. Butterfly had a ball climbing through the 'tiny tunnel' down to the bear. But it was so crowded in there we left. We saw some fish, wandered around for a bit and discovered the stage. The stage was off to the side and we had it to ourselves for several minutes. That was perfect! Both Butterfly and Spider had a great time hamming it up on stage.

The only down part to the outing today was my stroller. I miss my BOB stroller! I think next time I come I may have to risk putting it through the airport. I have 2 umbrella strollers and some stroller connectors so they go together but it's hugely wide. And the umbrella strollers don't recline and don't have shade. Or storage even. It was hard to get them through the crowds. And Butterfly so wanted to ride. Poor kid. At least on BOB she can.

My boys were unhappy today and we decided to head on home a little earlier than we wanted. We had lunch and I hope everyone had a nap. I know we did!


PS- The fire is still burning, but I think it's mostly contained now. We are still getting buzzed every 15 minutes by helicopters dropping flame retardant and water on the fire to get it out.

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  1. Wow! I'll definitely have to check that out next time I take the kids to my Mom's house. It sounds like lots of fun! Sorry you are missing BOB! :(


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