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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Utah Day 9- FIRE!


We decided to go to the mall today to shop for clothes for a picture that my mom wants to do of all the grand kids together. So as we are trying to get things together and get everyone ready, I glance out the window. Huh, that looks kind of like a big fire on the mountain. (Big being relative as in I am far away and I can see a bright spot on the mountain that looks like a huge bonfire but it's small at the moment.)

That moment did not last too long. It seemed like right before my eyes that tiny bright spot took off in all four directions and suddenly, the small bright spot was a fire. The smoke started billowing and the fire started racing. We sat on my mom's porch and watched it engulf the mountain in front of us. My dad mentioned a few tricks he learned as a forest fire fighter back in the day. I took a ton of pictures but my camera battery died so no pictures now.

We did eventually get to the mall after we determined the fire was not going to come down the mountain and engulf the house. To date, over 600 acres burned and about 60 homes had to be evacuated (but were let back in tonight). Wow that thing moved fast!

I am frustrated with boy clothes at the moment. We found a ton of very cute dresses for Butterfly for this picture, but nothing really great for the boys! I suppose my desire not to dress the the same all the time fueled my frustration. I want them to be coordinating, not matching. So to find 2 coordinating things, along with a dress and another coordinating outfit for Cappy was near to impossible. Plus the boy clothes section is pathetic in size compared to the girl clothes section. And why do baby boy clothes need words on everything? Anyway, we left without any luck and a ride on the merry-go-round for Butterfly.

After dinner, my mom and I went back out looking and finally gave up on the whole summer outfit plan (so everyone could wear their outfit again) and went with fall/winter stuff. We did find 3 jumpers that are the same but different colors (one brown, one blue, one green) and a dress that would go for Butterfly. Hopefully she'll wear it. She has become picky with her clothes lately.

I better go find my battery charger so you can see the fire.



  1. i had a boy first and let me tell you, it does suck in comparison! one year carter's had like five outfits to offer but they all came in every color of the rainbow! apparently I was supposed to buy the same outfit ten times over.

  2. I have had the same problem with boys clothes always having words on them. It is very frustrating when it comes to family picture time! I'm glad that the fire didn't come too close!

  3. I know! Boys clothes just do not compare to girls clothes. They are never as cute. They end up looking like a little old man.

  4. scary scary scary!!

    I totally agree with what you said about boys clothes -- so little choices -- I guess I am lucky since I don't have to deal with it often, but when I am looking for gifts, it is awful!

  5. I guess that I have an opposite feeling on the clothes matter. I miss shopping for little boy clothes! I get frustrated that everything for little girls is so frilly. We've been trying to find coordinating clothes for family pics next month, and the boy's clothes were the easiest to find for me. To each his own!

    I'm glad that the fire got contained and that nobody was hurt!

  6. Did you go to South Towne? We were there this morning too, haha. Where did you find the dresses? I can't find anything that isn't character-related or overloaded with appliques for Audrey. It's very frustrating! But I hear you on the boy clothes too. I've had to search high and low for basic clothing that isn't heavily embroidered.


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