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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Utah Day 7- A Date!


Today was a very low key day. Juice and I decided to get up early and go have a breakfast date to take full advantage of my mom and her desire to babysit our kids. Since we've only had one other date since the boys were born, (thanks to Bee on our anniversary) I was way excited to go.

So Juice got up early, got ready, and poked me awake to ask if we were going to go. He got a moan from me and decided to go get Butterfly who was waking up. She jumped on me, got another moan and begged Daddy to go get breakfast for her. So he did. I finally woke up, fed the boys, and sleepily came downstairs. See, my kids have caught colds and Professor is apparently super needy when he is sick. He was nursing on and off all night so I think I got about 2 hours of sleep. BUT, I was determined to get out so around 10am, we finally left.

I wanted to go to the Iceburg where I used to work but they stop breakfast at 10am. Dang, we'll have to try again another day. So off to Denny*s! Yummy. As we were driving home, I noticed a barber shop and pulled over so Juice could have his hair cut. They butchered him a bit and he looks kind of funny. But I got to sit for about 45 minutes and not do anything. No one needed me, nothing needed my attention. It was great! What a fun date!

We spent most of the rest of today at home resting because the kids are sick. No fun to have sick kids!


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