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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Utah Day 5- Twins!


Today we had a nice quiet morning.  Butterfly woke up fairly happy and had a good breakfast and watched a movie.  The boys played while I ate, had their mid-morning meal and went down for naps.  And then I took a super long hot shower.  Ahhh...so nice to relax in the hot water!

Butterfly and I had a good lunch while the boys played, they ate again and napped and we watched tv while we waited for my mom to get home with her car so we could go visit family.  I almost left Butterfly at home because the moment came to leave and she had a huge tantrum.  She did calm down enough to come and then crashed in the car.  But when we got to my sil's house, she was happy and loving having all her cousins around.

And we got to meet twin cousins Angel and Seraph!  They are SO CUTE.  And so light!  I picked Angel up and thought I was going to throw her to the ceiling.  And Splats was holding both of my boys and said to hurry up with pictures because her arms were getting tired!  But it was so fun to see the 2 sets of twins together.  I love love love that she had twins the same time I did so that now we can talk about twin stuff together and will have a partner to bounce ideas off of. 

Someone is crying so I have to go.  I'll leave you with some pictures!

And Flower was there too!  We love Flower!  (So in the back...Butterfly and Flower, left to right: Finch, Bear, Rabbit...and the twins: Pirate, Professor, Angel and Seraph.
Good looking group!


  1. Holy kids, Batman!!!! Oh, the babies are all adorable.

  2. Oh how cute! I'm glad all the twins are home and looking healthy. :)

  3. Its nice to read what your up to everyday! How fun! Your boys are so cute catherine!!! Theyre getting big!!! Holy cow! I love them!! Have fun in UTAH!


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