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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Utah Day 13- Work and Play


Today we had another quiet day. Well, it was pretty quiet for me because I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon. It was heaven! I have been having strange dreams about trying to find something or doing a cooking show with my friend Valinda and cooking up our kids. Weird huh?

Odd dreams aside, we've had a good day today. We went to my mom's work to show off the babies and that was fun until Professor started wailing. Did I mention my mom works in a large-ish call center? Yeah, all heads turned my way and I dashed for an empty office and closed the door. He was okay after a few minutes of nursing, but was still rather whiny. Everyone ohhed and ahhed appropriately and we were forgiven for being somewhat loud. It was fun to see all my mom's work friends and put names with faces again. Mom works at a great place where they know all of us and really took some delight in seeing the kids themselves. (I suppose it helps that they read this too! Hi guys!)

I took a very long nap, as I said, this afternoon. The boys slept as well. Juice and Butterfly played outside. Juice rolled down the hill with Butterfly and has been kind of queasy ever since. It sounds like he has a touch of altitude sickness which is sad. We used to run and play here all the time and now when we come to visit we need to take it easy. Boy we really are getting used to Maryland.

Speaking of, Butterfly asked to go home to her own house today. Poor girl. She's having a rough time sleeping here. To save on some weight, I did not bring her little crib light with us and I should have. I thought she'd be okay without it. I guess I thought wrong.

My mom took her grocery shopping while I slept. Lots went on while I dreamed about trying to fit my 3 year old in a blender.

We went over to my brother's house today and played rock band. I did okay. We also had some yummy dinner of sandwiches and strawberry spinach salad. Yum yum! We had a great time and Butterfly cried all the way home that she wanted Cappy so much! Where was Cappy?! I want to stay with Cappy! It's nice that she loves her cousin so much.



  1. Did you have to read A Modest Proposal in high school? I did. I'll bet if we got some of those industrial sized mixers and etc like they have in the DT kitchens we could make a go at it. :) Now you'll have even MORE weird dreams!

  2. What's up with the wacky dreams? At least they're good for a laugh. :) Way to go getting a 4 hour nap! That's miraculous! I was pretty amazed myself that I slept in til 9:50 today. Nice!

  3. OK-this is dumb, but just before I clicked over to your blog, I was watching a you tube video called "Will it Blend." They put all of these random things in a blender and just see how it goes. I was watching one about glow sticks. Your dream just fit right in! Sounds like you're having a fun trip!


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