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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Utah Day 2- My Room


I do love coming back to my parents house. It's not the house I grew up in. We moved here the summer before I turned 16. But as my parents built the house, I got to pick out my room and watch it go from bare bones to my room.

Even though I haven't lived here in about 10 years, it is still very much my room. My brother's room, on the other hand, was turned into an office for my mom. And then it was a living room for me and Juice when we were living here before our move to Maryland. And then it became another office. Or maybe it became my living room and then an office. I can't quite remember. Now, it's Butterfly's room. She has my old bed to sleep in, toys and my old desk. Wow that room is big when you take stuff out of it.

Back to my room. I still have my bedside table, my dresser and my book case in here. My walls still have pictures from my high school orchestra and a picture of my good friend and her then boyfriend now husband and me and Juice in old clothes from a date at the local amusement park. My bookcase is filled with my books and small horse figurines. I have shelves on the walls with horse shoes and my high school diploma on it. I noticed today that I have my tassel hanging from my door handle and wondered that it had lasted 10 years being on that door. There is a yarn ball hanging there too and I have forgotten the significance. My dresser has 2 drawers full of stuff that I'd like to keep. Like all the origami Juice gave me in high school, and the bouquets I carried at friends' weddings. I even have all the flowers I ever got in high school for dances.

In my closet hangs my wedding dress, and my high school letterman's jacket. (Man that thing was comfortable!) It also has old toys, and several boxes of things like glasses and plates from my wedding. I didn't want to send them back because I will eventually use them when my current set wears out. It's jam packed with more stuff.

It's nice to come home to this room, and see my younger self. Some things have changed, like the size of the bed and the fact that there are 2 cribs in here now, but I feel calm here. The Beach Boys sing a song about a room and where it's a place you can go and tell your secrets too. I feel like that is this room. It has always been mine. And it's a place where I started out being nothing but myself. And I still don't have to be anything else but me when I'm in here. I like that.



  1. You make me homesick talking about your room, my mom moved from the house where she'd lived for 13 years 2 or so years ago and it was actually pretty hard for me!

  2. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Wow, how cool! I never had a chance for something like that because I grew up in a military family and things like yarn balls and old bouquets would get thrown away during packing up. My parents have lived in five new houses since I graduated. I am so jealous of your room! How fun, too, to be back in it with your kids!


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