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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Utah Day 4- Baby Palooza!


Today has been a visiting day. Cappy came early again this morning and was smothered by Butterfly exclaiming "I love my cousin!" My BFF Mink came over with her daughter Spider and kept me company. (Also loaned a hand...she makes a mean sandwich!)

I think Butterfly might be a little too rambunctious for Spider. She kept yelling "Girl!" as Butterfly ran through the house. It was pretty funny to watch. We were also able to introduce Spider to the wonderfulness that is sidewalk chalk.

The boys all took 2 hour naps today, and Butterfly took a fairly long one as well. It was heaven to have all the children sleeping at once. Thank you nap gods for that little gift. :) I did not nap (but should have) and instead poked around online and read a little of my book club book for next month. I also did some laundry. Which did not get done and is still sitting in the dryer. Maybe I should get that...

Butterfly went to 'school' at my aunt's house and her daughter (who is 12) and the neighborhood kids. She had a great time and brought home a workbook page of a few letters and a book. She is going to LOVE real school.

Cappy's Mom came by and we went grocery shopping for another friend of mine to come over and have dinner. Zuke and Melissa and their 3 kids came for dinner. I got to meet Melissa and Tyler and Addison for the first time. It was so much fun to have them here! Tyler and Butterfly hit it off and I think that Vinny has some competition. They ate, ran through the sprinklers and wore themselves out. Can I just say I love having a yard?! My dad has a cute picture of all the kids in their pjs that he'll have to put up on his blog or something.

(Speaking of my dad, don't forget to enter his pay it forward contest!)

It was funny to see 4 car seats and 3 sets of small shoes floating around the entry way.

Now I am exhausted and will once again crash in the bed. Hopefully Professor will sleep better tonight since the past 2 nights he's only slept when he's been jammed up next to me. Right now, he is sleeping peacefully in his crib. I love to hear them both breathing so restfully. Now I'm going to go get some of that rest myself!



  1. It was definitely a fun night! It was so good to FINALLY meet you and your adorable kids! Tyler definitely had a blast with Butterfly, and asked me when we got home when we could go play with her again. We'll definitely have to get together again before your leave!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy since you've been here. It was good to see you and can't wait until we can catch up some more.

  3. I'm glad you had some fun today! Try to get some rest on your vacation. :)


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