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Saturday, August 02, 2008



I just looked at my pictures from when the boys were first born and up through now. I have over 700 pictures spanning 3 months. Yikes, how am I ever going to go through them and organize them!? I have to because eventually I'll be scrapbooking them (probably in about 2 years...I am horribly behind) and I really won't remember what was happening or who was what unless I at least label some of them. I did at least get all of July done so if you're on my picture list, you should have gotten them.

We are having fun with Bee. It was so nice for me this morning to lay in bed until 10am and know that Butterfly was taken care of. We haven't done much beyond grocery shop and regroup from no help but we're off on some adventures next week. I can't wait for the beach again!

A friend at church just gave me a huge bin full of boy clothes. Mostly 18 month to 4T. This is going to be a huge help when they are older! She said she wished she had 2 of everything, but I'm glad she doesn't because it looks like the boys' body types will be different and I would have ended up buying 2 separate things anyway. She gave me a bunch of really cute sweaters and such so I'm excited for them to be old enough to wear them. She says she is excited to see the clothes on my boys and remember her boy in them. Ahh...good times.

A big shout out to my sil and her twins who are finally home from the hospital! We can't wait to meet them!



  1. How nice to sleep in! And how fun that you got a bin of clothes! I have a new bag for you, by the way!

  2. I got the July pictures -- very cute and man have those boys grown! Yeah for the clothes!!

  3. I love the pictures of butterfly, pirate and professor in the left menu. TOO CUTE.

    Good to hear you are getting some sleep.

  4. I hear ya! Where do I even begin with the pictures and organizing them and then scrapbooking them. Hmmm....oh well, I guess I get to that later. That is one reason that I blog and put my pics with it. At least I'll have some idea. Can't wait to see you, it was nice to talk to Jeff today on the phone. For some reason I thought that you needed the car seat TODAY! Anyway, excited to see you guys!!!!

  5. ok, that previous comment was from me not Tony. Sorry. He sometimes signs in with out me knowing. :)


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