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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Utah Day 11- 4 Grandkids


I was just sitting here trying to think of what we did today and what to title today. The only thing I could think of was I am so tired. Then I asked myself, why am I so tired? Well, because this morning we decided to take all 4 grand kids to the local picture place and get their pictures done.

Holy cow. Have you ever tried to take pictures of a 3 year old and 3 infants? No? It was tiring. And somewhat stressful. And the amount of stuff that exploded out of our bags at the picture place was amazing. Add that to the props that Butterfly insisted on taking down and scattering all over as she played with made for The Family Takeover. The pictures were not A+, but not bad either. I kept meaning to scan one or get it off the CD they gave us to show you today but the whole thing left me beat.

Cappy's Mom (whom I don't have an Internet name for...) pointed out in one of the shots of the 4 of them together that there were tears and red eyes. The girls at the photo studio worked hard and we at least had them all looking at the camera and Butterfly was the only one smiling. Of course, she also looks like she's throttling her brother and hugging Cappy. (He is her favorite baby right now.)

Butterfly ruined her dress I so lovingly picked out as we were headed out the door. Miss Independence had to climb into my dad's huge truck (where her car seat currently is) all by herself. Well, climbing up involved dragging her dress against the truck somehow and the dress now sports a huge black streak. We were able to hide it by putting a baby on her lap in the pictures.

We were met at the picture place by BFF Mink and Spider to get Spider's 2 year old pictures taken in her 70 year old dress. It was crocheted by Spider's Great Great Grandmother and has been passed down a lot. It is a beautiful dress and I love that I was able to see her in it. We then went with them to get ice cream, because that was how we bribed the toddlers into pictures. Yum!

Naps were long and plentiful.

Tonight my mom and I took the boys to Cappy's Mom's community play. It was cute! They did School House Rock and Cappy's Mom helped direct it. She had free tickets that we used. The kids did a very good job and Professor was in fine form squealing and wanting to be bounced. Pirate found his thumb tonight and has been busy trying to keep it from going between his lips and his gums.

When I got home tonight and was trying to put the boys down, they were being so cute. I had Professor laying next to me and feeding Pirate. Pirate would unlatch, look down and Professor and smile. Professor would then squeal in delight and talk to Pirate until Pirate decided food was more important and go back to nursing. This happened several times and I finally had to move Professor so that Pirate would finish. It is so much fun to have twins!


PS- Fire all out. No word yet on who started it.

PPS- Am I boring all of you with my daily updates? No one seems to be commenting...


  1. IM STILL READING!!! I just dont always comment! But IM ALWAYS READING!!! HOw freaky about the fire! Glad its out! Im only one state away from you! TEAR!!! Its nice to have a MD buddy in my time zone!!! YEY!

  2. Anonymous3:53 AM

    I'm enjoying the updates :) The nursing story about the boys is adorable.

  3. I'm with Lis - I'm totally reading, just not always commenting - insert slap on hand!! He he. I love the updates though, keep 'em coming!

  4. I want to see the pictures! What a cute story about the boys entertaining each other. Oh, and now that I'm back home, I'll be commenting as usual. Mom's house was not as easy to get on the computer. Please don't stop the updates! :)

  5. I love your updates. Like you though, sometimes I'm just too tired to post a comment. It sounds like you are having a great time. I'm pretty jealous.

  6. No keep writing, I'm just not very talkative as of late. I know Juice's family has more grandkids but getting 4 kids sounds better than the 12+ we battle to get to look at a camera these days. :) I'm glad to hear the fire is out but not happy you are still so tired! Get some rest all ready isn't that why Juice came out??


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