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Friday, August 08, 2008

An Adventure


A few ladies in my ward were getting together to have lunch and explore one of the many many place to go in the state: Havre De Grace. It's a cute little town on a point of land where the Susquehanna River meets the Chesapeake Bay. I thought since Bee was here, we would tag along and see some of the area that I haven't seen.

So we all got up early, met everyone at the church and off we went. Butterfly happily watched a movie in the van (whose name is Fern Tree) and the boys slept great. Our lead car promptly got lost when we got to Havre De Grace. We ended up going over the Susquehanna River by mistake and I watched the driver of the car have an argument with the toll lady. We really did make a wrong turn and ended up on the bridge with no where to go because of construction. In the end, we didn't have to pay the toll and went back over the bridge. We got back into town, only to turn around yet again. By this time, both boys are screaming because they are hungry and Butterfly is crying because she has to potty. By the third time turning around, I gave up and stopped. I was smart this time and brought our little potty with us and some plastic bags. So Butterfly was able to use the potty, I fed the boys and then took care of the potty. Not my finest moment but at least she didn't have an accident in the car and I didn't have to rush around the town trying to find a bathroom for her.

Anyway, we met back up with the ladies and walked around the boardwalk on the river. Pirate was having a really hard time and so I had to stop and feed him again in the hot sun. Ugh...he was covered in sweat because I covered him up so he wouldn't burn. He did get rosy cheeked and stayed that way all day. He was dead set on being carried all day long and I was never so happy for my wrap. After the boardwalk, Professor was having a hard time so I had to stop again and the ladies decided to go on ahead.

Bee and I decided to walk the town to meet everyone for lunch. It was fun but a little hot. And then when we finally found the restaurant, everyone was sitting outside. I had been carrying Pirate (who finally fell asleep!) so I was really hot. I almost asked the waitress to fill up a pitcher of water and ice and leave it for me. I drank quite a bit and filled up our water bottles there. Lunch was okay. All the other ladies had sea food and they said it was wonderful. I do not eat anything that lives in water so I ended up with a turkey wrap. Bee the same.

After lunch, we went our own way and walked back to the van which we left by the light house. We stopped off at a famous ice cream place for something cool. It was good but I have to say our local ice cream place is better ice cream. But it was a welcome break and we sat inside. I fed the boys again and they finally calmed down and stopped crying.

We had a nice time wandering around the light house and taking a bunch of pictures. I ended up feeding the boys (yes AGAIN...they eat a ton all the time but does it stop me? No.) looking out at the river while Bee and Butterfly played. (Something about the cannon from the war in 1812 being a look and listen scope.)

We finally got everyone piled into the car, strapped in and Butterfly announces she has to go potty. So I decided to drive to the public bathrooms I'd seen signs for in town. Well, she couldn't wait and there was an out house by a construction site. Boy was it awful though. So she again used her little potty and I did not have to use a plastic bag this time. Yay.

We then headed home. Both boys slept some, and Butterfly watched more movies in the back. Well, we didn't leave till about 3:30pm and I forgot it was Friday. Guess what that means? TRAFFIC. Boy did we ever hit traffic in Baltimore. I gave up and went towards Columbia since I know how to get home from the mall there. We ended up stopping at the mall to feed the boys. But then we had to have a potty break (for the big girls) so we loaded everyone up in the stroller and went inside. We had a cookie, came back out and loaded everyone back into the car. The whole thing took almost an hour. Just for a potty break. Ugh.

(An aside...I forgot to lock the wheels on my Bob so when I lifted it up to put it into the car, one of the wheels rolled away. I didn't notice until I tried to take it off and it wasn't there. I could not wrap my mind around where it would have gone. Some guy had to come out of his car and get it for me and bring it back because I had no idea where it ran off to. A little embarrassing because he said, "I'm amazed you didn't see that roll away." Sleep deprivation is my only excuse.)

After the mall, it was smooth sailing and we were back home. Ahh...home.

My Aunt and Uncle and Bee's Brother come into town tonight. We have stuff going on every day next week, and then we're off to Utah!



  1. haha, sounds like you've got a Little Einsteins fan in your house too. It's A's new favorite. After two trips to the store, we now have all four figures and several versions of Rocket.

  2. What a day! The lighthouse and beach look gorgeous, but it sounds like the trip was a lot of work. Smart idea to bring that potty seat! That would have come in handy the other day! ;)

  3. you're very adventurous :)

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Wow, I'm exhausted for you just hearing about it! How great that you had a nice person retrieve your wheel because that would have been such a pain to lose it. And, I didn't realize you don't eat things that live in water...I think that if I lived in MD I'd be eating a lot more seafood than I do (seafood isn't always great in the Midwest) :) ...is it a health concern about mercury?

  5. What a perfectly splendid sort of day. Minus the potty incident : ). These are the days you will look back on with fondness.


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