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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Utah Day 3- Being an Aunt


Today I had my nephew Cappy with me all day. Boy is he a cutie! He has the most expressive eyes and great chubby cheeks that I kind of wish my boys had more of. I love chubby cheeks on a baby.

Anyway, today has solidified my desire not to have triplets. Twins are hard enough, thank you very much! There were a few screaming moments today when I was feeding one of my boys and Cappy had decided that I had been away from him long enough. But you know what? We all got through it and everyone was happy at least some time today.

Butterfly was happy because I let her watch the Pixar shorts movie about 5 times. Partly because I had my hands full of babies and mostly because I can't figure out how to use my dad's 500 disk dvd changer/player. The Pixar movie happened to be the one loaded so that's what we watched.

Cappy was happy because we played peek a boo and he took 2 very good naps.

Pirate was happy because he ate and was looked at. He is one smiley kid, that one.

Professor was happy because he had his binkie. And his mommy. Nothing else matters.

I was happy because I got my hair cut today by someone who works in a grown up salon. Not one with cartoons on. I had her layer it and thin the bottom out a bit. It looks much better than it has been. I thought about doing the color but my hair is falling out (thank you no more pregnancy hormones) and I just didn't want to pay for it and have it all fall out.

Butterfly also got her hair cut and she looks so cute! Just a trim for her (and really for me but with layers) and we both look a little more put together. I like it.

I am headed to bed early because I am exhausted.



  1. How do you do it? And you're so calm about it too! Hats off to you girl! Try to relax. Remember, you're on vacation. :)bj

  2. Be careful you never know what might show up next ;)

  3. Yay for having some time to yourself - even if it is only for a haircut! :) Okay, so we need to get together. Email me and let me know when you might have some time. We're pretty open. We'll come up.


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