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Thursday, August 21, 2008

4 Months Old


The boys are 4 months old!  Wow!  They are growing and changing every day.  They are starting to notice each other and will give each other big smiles when they are both in the mood.  They also love to be near each other and frequently 'check in' with each other as they roll around on the floor.  Yes, they are rolling!  Not very far and not too fast but they are rolling as much as I expected them to.  They just did their first plane ride a few days ago and passed it with flying colors.  They are well traveled little boys and are easy to take places as long as they are fed promptly and mommy is around.  They both have a very easy going sweet nature and together make a fun set of twins. 

Pirate is my big boy.  He loves to eat and will eat all day long if I let him.  (No weights or heights as we are in Utah.)  He is ticklish and laughs when you bounce him up and down.  He is easy to laugh, even easier to smile and is very happy go lucky.  He sleeps through the night (most nights).  He has a longer torso than Professor so I find that a lot of clothes that Professor fits in, Pirate does not.  It looks like his hair is going to be brown as well as his eyes (like Daddy and Butterfly).  Butterfly must have him sit next to her in the car (no ideas why).  He does not take a binky but seems to have found his thumb in the past few days.  He rolls onto his stomach all the time but I don't think I've seen him roll to his back.  I frequently have to go save him from evil belly time.

Professor is my snuggle baby.  Boy does he love to be held and held and held.  He also tucks so nicely into the crook of your arm.  It's easy to hold him.  He is my binky baby and loves that thing.  I worry sometimes about later when I'll have to take it away from him but I'm trying not to think about it.  Another thing with the binky, is that he only eats as much as he has to.  He is not a comfort nurser and would perfer the binky for that.  Which is probably why he weighs close to a pound less than his brother.  But he's happy with clear bright blue eyes and a huge face splitting grin.  It looks like he has the dimple that Butterfly has but it's shallower (maybe his cheeks aren't as chubby).  He has bright blond hair that swoops nicely to the right already.  Thank you daddy for that hair line.  He can roll front to back and is already trying to get up on his knees on his belly.

 And a cute picture of Butterfly to leave you with!


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