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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Utah Day 16- Rain and Water


It was raining so hard this morning when we got up we decided to postpone fishing. Butterfly had woken up early and was excited to go so she was a little upset we weren't going. I think a movie and some play time with my strawberry shortcake house and dolls fixed that.

We decided to go for a photowalk /hike instead. A photowalk is where you take a walk with the intent on taking pictures. At first, it was just supposed to be me and my dad but then Juice thought it would be fun to go on a hike and Butterfly was raring to go out. We didn't want to leave my mom out so she had to come and the boys too. We all piled in our 2 cars, decided to go to Jordan River and left.

Okay, we left a lot later than I thought we would. The boys are just cluster feeding like mad and I think I nursed one after the other from 10 till noon today. They were still hungry when we left but the milk factory had to shut down in order to aid in production.

We got lunch before we left at the local burger place. Dad and I ordered mini-shakes and some burgers and we were horrified to see the mini-shake was several inches higher than a big 56 oz cup. Holy cow! It was good but filling and I think I only ate half of it.

We found the trail no sweat and unloaded everyone to go walking. I had forgotten just how cold a rainstorm would be this time of year in the mountains. I think we went about 10 steps down the trail and I asked my mom if she would take my boys home. It was freezing! They had no coats yet and even though I had wrapped them in blankets, they were visibly shivering. So back home with Nana and the rest of us stayed to walk.

Juice was not expecting this to be a photowalk and thought it was a hike so he was a little frustrated that we kept stopping at first. But then he realized what we were doing and helped wrangle Butterfly. We threw rocks in the river, caught grasshoppers, looked at horses, found a semi-feral cat, took about 100 pictures, and walked half a mile. I had a nice time.

We rushed home and I fed the boys. Juice took a nap and Butterfly ran and played. Still. Where does she get the energy?

My Nana had a get together for us tonight. We had pizza and various and assorted salads. I think Butterfly ate 3 pieces of bread and butter. It was fun to be with my extended family and relax. We sang Happy Birthday to my uncle. I miss being a part of every day life with them. I didn't take any pictures but I was able to eat dinner without holding a baby. This is probably my thing I'm going to miss the most. I know when we go home it will be down to me and Juice and we won't have all these extra hands. Sigh...

Anyway, we drove home slowly to admire the lights in the valley and the stars that look so bright here. Butterfly called them strange the first night, but now she really likes them. (Both the stars and the lights.)

Everyone is asleep and I should be too. More fun planed for tomorrow!



  1. Ahh those brief moments when you get to enjoy an uninterrupted hot meal, now you're on vacation!!

  2. We need to plan some photo walks around here when you get back. That would be so much fun! I can't wait to see you guys again! BTW--as I was reading your post, Andrew was singing a song he made up about Butterfly. It was very cute. :)

  3. I'm so jealous of this long, wonderful vacation you're on! And, honestly---how could any hike out there NOT turn into a photowalk? There's so much beauty around every turn!

  4. By the way, I want to know which person I should be watching for from now on in the tab choir. Which one is your sister?


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