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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spoils of War


Back from the huge consignment sale. I got some super deals. All of this stuff only cost me 100 dollars! 2 heavy duty coats for the boys, one brown, one blue. 9 pairs of pants (oops, I meant to get 10...), 12 long sleeved long pant jumper outfits. Some with feet. 3 actual outfits. 3 long sleeved onsie shirts. 3 pairs of mittens (oops, I meant to put a pair back and never did). 3 winter hats (what is with me and odd number of things?!) but these winter hats are for next year. 2 of these hats have mittens that match them. 2 pairs of 6-9 month old soft shoes (score!!).

For Butterfly I got some nice things too although I didn't think I would. Happy accident. 2 pairs of pants. 2 shirts and a pair of holiday red polar bear pjs. These pants and shirts are for the resource center where we paint and do crafty things. This way, I won't care if they get stained. (Looking closer at the shirt, one already has paint on it. Perfect for what I need. And it was only a dollar!)

I went a little crazy in the toy section this time. Normally I don't. But I went there first because there was not a huge crush of people and got some cool things. A book for Butterfly's church bag. (My little pony look and find.) A birthday present for Butterfly's BFF Vinny. (Leap pad book thing. He's turning 5 and this will help him get into reading. It was a steal at 4 dollars!) Christmas presents include a play kitchen for Butterfly (I wasn't going to do it but it was 3 dollars and it's small and we should have some room in her room for it. Hopefully!), play food and dishes for the kitchen (2 dollars). See and stack blocks for the boys (2 dollars). And a Care Bear movie for Butterfly's stocking (4 dollars).

I got almost everything on my list. I didn't get any costumes (they were eh and people were swarming them so I didn't get a great look). I didn't get a new high chair which I may regret. (There was one that matched our old one for 40 dollars with all the toys and stuff. Kicking myself about that one a little!)

At the sale, the girl racks were all nicely spaced out. And the boy racks were so jammed together I had to lean into the clothes with my butt hanging out in the main isle to get to them. I'm sure there were some great deals that I missed in the back. I think they may need to move to a bigger venue next year because this one was to the gills JAMMED with baby stuff. I love going to this sale though because I get all of their clothes for a really good price. I can then afford to buy other things a little nicer. Like shoes and Sunday clothes and more toys for Christmas. I will probably volunteer at the next sale and sell some of the infant clothes that they boys never wore or only wore once. And a few odds and ends, a few toys and the like.

Now with these buys, all the clothes our friends have given us and the clothes I've bought Butterfly on sale, I think we are set for winter. Well, except shoes for Butterfly (ordered today), tights, socks for the boys, and a few other odds and ends. We are set for fall! So bring on the cold weather!

Oh, before I forget. There were 2 of these huge sales today. One by my moms of multiples group, and one by just moms in the area. I went to both back to back and let me tell you, the multiples one is MUCH nicer. Small space aside. The clothes are in better shape, they offer more, and it's cheaper than the other one. So all you local gals, gear up for the end of March when they have it again. You better believe I will be there.


PS- Edited to add...here's a look at the sale the night before. Tons of stuff!


  1. *Shock* Awe* Do I have to be a Mom of multiples to come??? Or live on that side of the country, or have a kid that age? I'd just love to come & look!

  2. Valinda, No you don't! Come and see me March 21st and you and I can shop till we drop. I would love another hand to look at things with. :)

  3. how did i not know about this? i ALWAYS used to go to the one in Ohio. I looked forward to it with great anticipation!!!!! please please please tell me about the one in march :o) glad you had so much success!

  4. Wow!! What a load you came away with! I definitely want to go to the multiples sale in March. The tot swap I went to was kind of annoying! Too crowded with too many eager moms everywhere!! I started getting clastrophobic (sp?)!! I found some good things, but it really wasn't worth the 2 hour wait in line just to buy it all! Glad to hear that you had such GREAT success though and that your boys will have many warm clothes for the winter!!! :)


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