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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Utah Day 22- Oh What A Sunday


Wow it's been one busy Sunday. We got up early early (6am I started feeding babies!) and were able to make it on time to 9am church several miles away. My cousin was blessing his new baby boy and we were able to be there. My grandpa mentioned that we took up 4 big pews with our family alone. It's great! (I think me and my kids and my stuff took up about 3/4th of a pew ourselves. Who knew how much stuff twins generated!)

After, we were able to go to a brunch at my cousin's house. Butterfly had a great time running around with Bee and Brother Bee and I spent probably an hour locked in the back room nursing babies. I was a little sad I couldn't be out chatting with the rest of the family, but I was happy my cousin's wife had a really great book on her bedside table. Has anyone read Emma by Anita Stanfield? I'm interested in finishing it. It's also reinforced the fact that I really should just carry books around with me and read whenever I am nursing. That way I don't end up staring at the walls.

From my cousin's house, we drove over to my SIL's house and surprised them. (She forgot we were coming.) It was really cute because Butterfly knocked on their door and my bil opened it. She just walked in and he stood there a little stunned and said, "Okay." We then showed up at the door and he was all smiles and instantly knew who Butterfly was. I thought it was pretty funny that he just let her in.

We had a great time playing with cousins and more twins for the afternoon. Juice played a computer game the whole time (mostly) with Beautiful Rabbit who is 8, and Splats (my sil) and I wrangled the rest of the kids. Good times! We also went to the park and had about half an hour of play before we had to head on off to our next stop.

Yes, we had one more place to go. We went over to my brother's house for dinner. He had some yummy chicken and soup and asparagus for us. Tasty! We figured out a way to get Butterfly to eat asparagus (dip it in butter, her favorite thing right now) and our little boys played on the play mat. We then played a few songs on rock band (so funny to see my dad try and play the drums!) but we had to cut that short because someone coughButterflycough threw a major tantrum and ripped the drumsticks out of my hands. So then I got a little mad and told her we were leaving until she could say she was sorry. And then dragged her limp and sobbing little body down the stairs and out the door. As we were leaving, she started yelling she was sorry but sadly, the time had passed and we had to go. I really was looking forward to playing more rock band. Maybe another time.

A very busy but fun day. Our last Sunday here!


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