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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Utah Day 20- Sprinklers!


The first week we were here, friends came over and ran through the sprinklers with us. That was the first time Butterfly had run through them and she was thrilled with it. Everywhere we went she pointed out the sprinklers and wanted to go through them. (And I must admit, Utah has a lot of sprinklers. The only place I've ever seen them in Maryland has been the DC Temple.)

Today we were able to let her do that with the same friends she ran through them with in the first place. We went over to their house for dinner and had a great time! We talked, ate, the kids played, the babies were cute and a good time was had by all I think.

We were supposed to go to a wedding thing today too for Juice's cousin but that kind of fell through due to the fact that we didn't have information on where to go in time for us to actually get there with everyone on time. Oh well. I'm sure the bride didn't even notice we weren't there. Hope it was beautiful!



  1. I miss sprinklers for the kids! Setting up a little spray thing at the end of the garden hose is not the same. :)

  2. That's all we did this time Laura and I don't think Butterfly knew the difference. :)


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