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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So this is what life with twins and no help is like.


Lately I feel like I have been drowning a little. Okay, a lot. I move from project to project to kid to kid to kid to dog to project. Nothing seems to be getting done. Or I feel like I'm actually making headway to be interrupted by screaming babies (Professor you loud baby you!) or whining (both Pirate and Butterfly are excellent at this) or some sort of catastrophe. Like yesterday. Butterfly came upstairs where I was nursing babies and sheepishly told me she drew on the couch. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time but when I saw the damage, I was livid. It's about 20 long blue streaks down one of the arm rests. I thought maybe she saw she drew on the couch and stopped and came and told me. Or maybe she drew on the covers we have on the cushions and that would be no big deal because we can wash those. This, I have no idea where to even begin getting out. And every time I look at it I'm angry so it has to come out. Any ideas?

I have started to let the boys cry themselves to sleep for naps and sometimes for bed and it makes my heart sad to do this. Yes I know they will be fine. Yes I know that it will probably be better for them in the long run. But my babies! Are crying! Need to go help! I also fear that this will somehow emotionally scar them.

One thing that has been going well is Christmas shopping. Yes, people, I always start this early. And while I do find it a little sad not to shop during the holiday season and enjoy the mall, etc at Christmas time, I get things done early and can enjoy a slower paced season. (Plus my parents are coming to visit in 2 weeks (from today!) and I want to send Utah's Christmas home with them.) I am great at shopping and even better at it when I can do it from the couch and not drag my 3 year old and twins to the store. Love that.

One thing that has NOT been going well is Halloween stuff. Butterfly wants to be a white princess this year. I want to buy her something like THIS and she wants something like THIS which I refuse to buy her. I am not making her a bride this early! As for the boys, I totally want to do something pirate themed or matchy and I can't decide on it at all. I'd like to get them something pirate for the renn faire we're going to in two weeks but I can't find anything less than 20 dollars for a onesie with a pirate thing on it. I could make something, but there is just no time. Then there is the thoughts of making all three of them match. Like Little Bow Peep and 2 sheep. Or the cat and the hat and thing one and thing two. Totally thinking too much into this and I should just dress the boys in black and orange and let Butterfly be a bride. At least I got their trick or treat bags ordered...looks just like Butterfly's but with their names on the back so we have no fighting over which one belongs to which kid.

I am also trying to take one area of the house once a week and give it a deep cleaning. This week is the washer and dryer area and the microwave area. I moved everything around, and that's all that's been done. Oh, I think I threw out about 5 fabric softener balls because I hadn't used them in over 2 years. But yeah, nothing like a kitchen that is a total wreck to wreck all of your cooking plans. We've had pancakes every day this week. Yum.

In any case, I have been trying to get out. Or perhaps I've been avoiding my many projects. (Like unpacking...)We went to the park and the resource center this week so I think I have been trying. Maybe I'm trying too much? Who knows.


PS- Pirate and Professor are now sleeping in their own room for naps! And hopefully, this week I will move Pirate in there full time for sleeping. I can't wait to have my room back to myself.


  1. I feel for you! I've been thinking about you and wondering how I got SO busy. I promise--next week, we'll get together! I'm sad I missed you guys at the resource center this week. We should really coordinate when we go. Way to go on the Christmas shopping!

  2. I would recommend Woolite Oxygen action carpet cleaner. We have the pet version and it's good. Or steam clean it. All else fails, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! HA! If I can't get something out I always try it, you never know. Sorry you feel so overwhelmed. It has to be frustrating. You will be so glad when the boys go to sleep on their own. It's just hard to hear them learn. It was hard with Aidan but now his bedtime routine takes about 10 min. And we don't go back up to him for anything. Have faith that you are doing the right thing. You'll make it!:)

  3. *ring*ring*ring* Hello? Hey Valinda, It's Safire I need a BIG favor, my cute boys have NOTHING to wear to the ren faire in 2 weeks and I want them to be mini dread pirates like Juice...can you help?? Sure that sounds like fun! What do you want exactly....

  4. My sister dressed her kids up as Cat in the Hat / Thing 1 & 2 back when her twins celebrated their first Halloween. So cute! And really easy. We are trying to figure out Adorable's costume. I'm giving her no choices!

    Good luck with the couch - I feel your pain!

  5. 5 months is almost 6 months...and 6 months is half way through the first year - that's HUGE!

    is it blue pen or crayon?

  6. I feel your pain! I remember. Don't worry, it too shall pass. And this is one of those times when everyone tells you to cherish the time with your little ones, because they grow up so fast! I always thought that was ridiculous advice because I was just struggling to survive! But then I do, and then it's over, and I always look back and miss that time anyway.

  7. Thinking of you, sweetie! **hugs**

    I'm thinking carpet cleaner or foaming fabric cleaner for the sofa. The foaming stuff is what I use when my dogs trash our sofa or the cars, and it works pretty well. You spray it on, let it sit, and then scrub the crimany out of it.

    I'm with you on the borderline creepiness of the child bride costume. Ick.

  8. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Isn't having three kids, two of them twin 5 month olds the definition of doing too much? I don't have any advice except to be gentle on yourself! I hope things feel better soon. (((hugs)))

  9. ah...motherhood...sometimes there's nothin' glamourous 'bout it
    hang in there though and know that even with one newborn my house fell apart ... laundry piled up ... dishes sat dirty in the sink etc.
    since you are cleaning a room at a time at your house, you're already better off than I was with just one baby at a time!

  10. Gee I can't imagine how you could possibly be feeling even the slightest bit overwhelmed. (I hope you can hear my voice dripping with sarcasm...) I still can't figure out how you have time to blog! (I don't!)


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