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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Utah Days NO MORE


We are home. And I am beat. Here is a list of the flight details in bullet form.

  • 3 checked bags, each weighing 49 lbs
  • 3 carry on bags
  • 2 carry on babies
  • 1 cranky/sick preschooler (yes, she threw up again before we left!)
  • 1 hungry and tired mommy (my breakfast time was spent cleaning up Butterfly)
  • 1 very tired daddy (we love rock band!)
  • 5.5 hours on the plane
  • 4 naps taken
  • 1 drink spilled (by mommy)
  • 16 crackers with peanut butter eaten
  • 4 cookies eaten
  • 1.5 movies watched
  • 10 pages of my book read
  • 5 people questioned the twin status
  • 3 people randomly started conversations because of the boys
  • 1 screaming toddler (not mine)
  • 2 adults, 2 infants, one preschooler and 6 bags to get to the car
  • 1 beautiful looking van
  • several dollars to spring said van
  • 250 lbs of stuff to get to said van from baggage claim by ourselves
  • 30 miles of driving
  • 1 stuffy house
  • 1 table full of mail
  • 1 excited puppy
  • 2 tired adults
  • 3 awake children
We miss our family already.



  1. Anonymous11:44 PM

    We loved being with you and the children. Glad you are home. Hope all of you feel better soon. We love you. Gma

  2. Glad you're home! Maryland welcomed you with some pretty nasty weather. This weekend was stuffy!! I can't wait to see you. :)

  3. I'm glad you made home in one piece. I can't believe how much your luggage weighed! That's unbelievable. I'm glad you enjoyed your bday. I know how it feels to have that post-vacation let-down. I'm sure you will be glad to get back into your old routine. And there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Thanks for including all of us in your vacation. It was fun!

  4. Woooosh! That's HEAVY luggage to have to carry!

    Poor Butterfly. And poor you.

    Glad you didn't come back yesterday, it was horribly hot and nasty. Today is much better! Thanks for bringing the cooler air with you!

  5. WOW!! Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound!!

  6. Welcome back!!!!

    (and, sending some hugs for your homesickness...I'm sure it was incredibly tough to leave)


  7. Oh my ... I so remember those not-too-distant traveling days. It really is a joke to travel with kids ... especially when sick. You go girl! Glad you all made it back safe. I'll bet you are missing home and family already!

  8. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Yay for being home! When you say that people "questioned the twin status" do you mean they asked whether the boys were twins? That seems like a ridiculous question. I bet they feel silly after they ask it :)

  9. I can only say I feel for you. Im glad you made it HOME tho! maryland was missing us i think! =)

  10. Welcome back! Hope you all feel better soon.


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