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Friday, March 05, 2010

The Bestest Day Ever


Tonight Butterfly told me it was the bestest day she's ever had. So what made today so great? What is her formula for having a best day?

Morning: I had a bunch of errands to run this morning. I was going to a friend's garage sale and really didn't want the kids with me. So Juice, super nice guy that he is, stayed home with them and I ran my errands. He said what he did this morning was give her the cereal that she wanted and read books to them for almost 2 hours straight. These kids sure do love books.

By the time I got home, he was ready to go to work and not talk to anyone for awhile. I got Butterfly a new Sunday dress and a few new leggings to go under dresses. She has decided she will not wear jeans anymore. She only wants to wear dresses. Okay then.

We had her favorite food for lunch. Mac and Cheese! We also had some grapefruit juice, and some grapes. The boys went down for their naps right after lunch. She will not have quiet time in her room anymore. She and I watched a movie. (Well she watched, I worked.) I let her have girl scout cookies and conversation hearts while watching the movie.

She helped me make dinner. We had quiche tonight. She was so excited to see Daddy when he came home for dinner. She played nicely with the boys while dinner cooked. She ate 3 pieces of quiche and crowed about how good of a cook she is.

She played nicely with the boys after dinner too. She helped Daddy with the dishes while I put the boys to bed. She and I played games on the computer until it was bed time. We did fight a little over brushing her teeth. She thinks she can brush for a second, spit, brush, spit, brush, spit, etc. We had a good story time.

We even rocked in the rocking chair tonight. This is her favorite thing. She only wants to do it with me. When she was the boys age, this was the only thing we could do for her to get her ready for bed. And I think I rocked her every single night until I could barely move I was so pregnant with the boys. It's something that I can tell she misses. It's a special treat now.

It was while I was rocking her that she told me that this was her bestest day ever. I'm so glad Honey. So, so glad. :)



  1. How sweet! It's so nice that such easy simple things can make the bestest day ever!

  2. Isn't it funny to realize what makes the biggest difference to kids? Oh, if the rest of life could be so easy to solve.


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