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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toddler E Week Preschool

It's E week here at our house. Today in our little school, we had a good time. I figured Butterfly needed some help with her scissor skills so we read Chick a Chick a Boom Boom and cut out coconut trees. My original plan for having them write their own E's up a coconut tree did not happen because of 2 very naughty boys who are almost 2.I also boiled about 20 eggs for them to dye. 2 of them cracked (hello lunch for the boys!) so Butterfly and her friend AJ had about 18 left to dye how they wanted. Boy was this exciting. More exciting to Pirate than anyone. He laughed and clapped so big whenever we pulled a colored egg out of a cup.

He sure looks like he had surgery less than a week ago, huh?

Professor was more interested in dismantling any egg he could get his hands on. The puppy got at least 2 eggs that way. Both Butterfly and AJ loved deciding which color to put the eggs in and got very creative with 2 colors.
In the end, we had quite the rainbow of colors. They were beautiful to look at. And pretty fun to eat too! We had eggs for lunch too. Yummy!

This blue made the most vibrant color!



  1. this comment goes to the hospital post way down below- so cute he is in that gown and lucky you are to have such a mellow man!

    I CANNOT believe how much those boys have grown, butterfly too!

  2. Last night, I looked at my camera to see what pictures I had taken and there was nothing there. It took me a few minutes to remember that I had taken them on your camera! ;)


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