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Monday, March 01, 2010

One Day They Will Be


I've been doing some Internet research for my brother. Mainly just looking up different companies and writing down what I find. He gets all the useful stuff. You get all the juicy stuff. This is all the stuff I am thinking when I find these companies.

People name their children HORRID things. Why, oh why, do they name their kid Lewis when their last name is Lewiston? Oh sure, it sounds good together. But it just goes to show you that the parents have no imgination. I am also enjoyed the funny last names like Halfacre, Carpe, and Schauhalter. Also, please stop naming your girl children Candie, Stormie, and Bambi. It makes them sound like strippers that are working for a serious company.

The financial world is run by middle aged men. With shiny foreheads and startled eyes. A note to website developers: if you are going to put pictures of your executives on the website, please get professional shots taken. Do not just bring a point and shoot into the office and get people's heads as they are working. It makes them look creepy.

I also realized that my boys are going to grow up to be middle aged men with shiny heads. My cherubs! They are so cute and snugly now...I better enjoy that while I can.

I expect big companies to have serious people in suits and ties. I also expect less out of companies that deal with food, coffee, exercise equipment, and plants.

Random, I know.


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