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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursdays Thawing


Today the weather was beautiful.  Sunny, warm (ish) and the roads were soaked.  The snow is melting big time.  There are big fields of grass and even the snow beneath the trees is melting.  What is making the roads so wet is the huge 9+ feet of snow that have been piled up on the corners and in parking lots.  That is still hanging around.  Oh, and all the snow in our front yard.  Since we have a northern exposure, that stuff will be there until the boys birthday.  You watch.

Today we were able to go to the PRC for some play time.  We met Lolli and AJ and another friend for some serious playing/mommy talking time.  (Although I never get in enough Mommy Talking Time.  It's just not a good idea with toddler twins.)  The kids love the gravel table.  I hate it because I have to sweep up the gravel that they spill.  And you know they do.  I also watched the boys pretend in the little kitchen they have there.  They washed their hands, put things in pots, sat at the table, said a blessing on their food, and ate it with gusto.  It was so cute.  I imagine we'll be in for another round of colds because there was a fair amount of licking the food that I couldn't stop.

Butterfly was determined to paint today.  She also got paint all over her pants.  Thank goodness she has resource center clothes and I could care less if these pants get ruined.  She has taken to drawing hearts for mouths and it's very cute. 

I was very brave and let Pirate paint as well today.  He takes his art so seriously!  I'm not sure if he ran his fingers through his hair or if he leaned on his painting but his hair was green from forehead to mid head.  I ran my fingers through it once and Lolli caught this great picture.  I can't get enough of this boy lately.  He is growing up so fast and acts like such a little boy.

Professor came over begging to paint once he saw his siblings doing it so we made room for him too.  He also got paint in his hair but I didn't notice until I got home.  He had the white paint today and I honestly don't think I would have noticed that in his hair unless it had been sunny.  I'm excited to go back next week and pick up their first master pieces.

Sadly, no Easter Egg Roll for us this year.  Did anyone else get tickets?



  1. That is a seriously cute picture! I think I'd want that framed! Adorable!

  2. That is so funny - he looks like a little baby punk rocker!

  3. I cannot believe how big he looks. Gosh they are growing so fast!!!!


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