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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Big Plans


If you ask Juice to describe me, he always says, "She's a planner." After I get over being called a book that's only good for a year, I realize that he is right. I'm a planner. And I always have been. I love to have things planned way in advance. The kids kind of let me be more of a "roll with the punches" kind of gal but I still love to plan. And want to plan. Juice is not that way. I suppose that's why we go together so well.

This summer is going to be big. I have so many fun plans swirling around in my head. I figured I needed to make a list so why not list it all for the joys of the Internet? :) Feel free to skip it unless you want to know what I've got planned through the rest of the year. (Yes, I'm that kind of planner.)

March- Pirate's surgery is this month. Also, Juice's 31st birthday on the 31st. How much do you want to bet we don't do anything this year.

April- The boys turn 2! We'll go out to dinner. Butterfly also starts swimming lessons again and says good bye to dance lessons.

May- Butterfly turns 5! She wants a swimming party. I told her no. Maybe we can have a sprinkler party. Do you think it would be too cold for that? Also, we are headed to Utah! We'll be there (probably) from the 21st-June 5th. I have many people to see and things to do. Hopefully we'll get to all of it.

June- We return to Maryland with Flower, our niece, in tow. (Hopefully!) Flower will have a part time job around here this time since I don't need AS much help with the kids. There will be berry picking. There will be an aquarium membership to make use of. There will be trips to the zoo, the parks, Mt. Vernon. This is a month I'm really looking forward to. Butterfly will also be starting violin lessons.

July- I think this month we are thinking of taking a weekend away with Flower. Maybe we'll go to the beach for a few days instead of a few hours. Maybe we'll go to Chincoteague and see the wild ponies again. There's also the 4th of July which I'm totally going to talk Juice into taking us down on the mall this year. We'll have Flower, we can manage! After the inauguration, this should be easy! :)

August- I am going on a girl's weekend away with my friend Lolli to NYC. This is my 30th birthday present to me. I'm excited but nervous. Also, we have to send Flower back to her house this month so we'll have to plan something really fun. I know! Let's go see a museum! ;)

September- Happy 30th Birthday to me! Butterfly starts SCHOOL! My parents are coming to visit for a week at my birthday and I am SO excited to have them come out again.

October- Off to the PA Renn Faire this year and a nice weekend away. Also, Halloween.

November- Thanksgiving.

December- Christmas.

Okay, now I'm starting to think I'm strange. A whole year planned out? Already? Well, it is just a rough outline. :) But still, I think time will fly and before you know it, I'll be back planning next year's summer!



  1. I'm so right there with ya! George asked if we could do something on a weekend and I outlined what we were doing every weekend until May and my friend was amazed I had it all planned!

    Totally put us on your trip to Utah list, I will make it all the way to you this time. :)

    I'm supposed to go to NYC for Kathy's 30th as well but we're going in July.

    Do you know what you want for the kids for Ren Faire? It is definitely NOT to early to plan that.

    I like all your plans it makes me think of all my fun plans.

  2. So jealous of your girl's weekend in NY. I always want to do girl's weekends somewhere cool - that's great you have a friend who will go and do with you! I don't know if you've been to NY before, but if you want any suggestions it's my favorite place! We were there during med school.

  3. I am sooo bummed. Looking at your plans this means you are going to miss the annual Memorial Day BBQn at our hours.:-(

  4. Beautiful Rabbit was invited to a pool birthday party when she was 5. I thought it would be a nightmare, but it was really fun. Each of the kids had to wear a life jacket. The parents were expected to help watch. They had special water toys they brought out for it. It was tons of fun. I think the local pool provided the cake and the pizza and the balloons. Good times. I was like uber pregnant w/ Bear at the time, so they let me just sit there with my feet up. (I think it was like 5 days before he was born - oh my!)

    I think they invited like 10 kids.

    just saying...it's not as bad as you'd think :p

    We should have a NYC weekend *next* year...(yes, I'm calling dibs!!) I've never been to NY..but would like to...someday...


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