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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Feeling Much Better


After a rough night for me, I am feeling much better. Juice promised me I'd be able to sleep in today too. Yay! I love sleeping in. It rarely happens.

Today just didn't seem to be one of those days that it would happen either. Juice woke up feeling all icky and awful too. Rats. Add an upset stomach to allergies, and he is one happy camper, let me tell you.
So even though I still felt like I had a slight fever and the chills, and even though I was all achy in my joints (hips especially), and even though Butterfly had already gotten in trouble 3 times this morning before 8am, I got up. I got them dressed. I got them breakfast. I took them to their Easter Egg party at church. I took all 3 kids to the store. I got them lunch on the road. All so that he could sleep and maybe be a person when we got back.

My martyrdom is amazing.

No seriously, he really was feeling ill. And I was feeling maybe 60%. You can totally function on 60%. And as the day progressed, I felt much better. Even better after a hot dog at the 100 dollar store. I figured if I puked in there, they had huge flats of paper towels and could totally pick it up.
Besides, if we hadn't gotten up, I would have missed this face.
And I wouldn't want to miss that!


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  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Ugh, being a mama while sick is the pits, but it sounds like you soldiered through it well! I can function with body aches as well, it's the stomach stuff and a headache that will put me in bed. Hope everyone is feeling better quickly!


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