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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sucess at the Consignment Sale


This weekend was that time of the year!  Twice a year my twin moms group puts on a huge consignment sale.  This morning was the spring sale.  I didn't get my act together soon enough to sell anything, but I'm always ready to buy something!  So here's the breakdown:

1 dress for Butterfly (which she stuck her tongue out over and refuses to look at)
6 boy shirts (really, I don't need more shirts but these are so cute!  Baby Batman and Cookie Monster were involved)
8 boy shorts
3 pairs of boy shoes (yes, three.  2 pairs of water socks [Professor has worn them to nap he loves them so much] and a pair of sandals.  I couldn't find another pair of the same sandals so I'll have to actually buy those first hand)
1 pair of Butterfly sandals.  Too small.  Sad.
6 books (I am such a sucker for books)
1 set of lacing cards for Butterfly's Sunday bag

All in all, I spent around $80.  Awesome!

My friend Lala slept in the car while I shopped during the member time.  Then we stood in line forever and chatted.  We got her daughter some very cute clothes and a really sweet little white Easter hat. 

I also saw a few people from my church so I walked around with them while Lala checked out.  She is having her first baby and bought out the sale!  :)  A stroller, an exersaucer, a diaper bag, a boppy pillow, some clothes, a car seat, and a swing.  I hope she's all set for her new baby in the summer.  We had a great time chatting (Lala too) after. 

Last night I spent most of my evening sorting out shoes and having a great time.  I always love going to this sale because it makes me feel so happy after.  Everyone is very helpful and friendly.  And I always love meeting new moms.  One twin mom and I sat and chatted last night for about 20 minutes.  Her girls are only a few weeks younger than my boys so we're going to get together and have a play date. 

For all you local moms, this is an awesome sale!  It's the best way to get gently used baby stuff.  Half of the clothes I saw today were new with tags on them.  The average price for a shirt at this consignment sale is about $2.  I have bought all my clothes at this sale since the time that Butterfly was a few months old.  Sad you missed this one?  Don't worry!  There will be another one in September.  I'll remind you.

Because seriously, this room is stuffed to the gills with kid stuff.  Any kind of toy, clothe, shoe, stroller, gear, anything!

And it's super fun to shop at too!



  1. What size are the sandals? I can buy them off you for George. She still wears a ten. ;)

  2. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I am salivating at those pictures, I love yard sales and have been missing them all winter. Won't be long now until they start up again! :) I am a sucker for books, too.


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