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Monday, March 15, 2010

Staying Up Too Late


I have gotten into a very bad habit of staying up way too late at night. That makes me super crabby and uncooperative in the morning. Which makes the kids clingy and whiny. Which only compounds my mood. It's a nasty cycle. I really should go to bed earlier. But here I am, after 11:30pm, still up!

This past weekend, I was also up at this hour, but doing something much more fun than blogging and working. I was meeting a ton of new bloggers at Momz Share. What is Momz Share? Momz Share is a series of events, held quarterly and hosted by a different, D.C. Metro Region blogger. Lolli and I went armed with our treats to share and our cameras to take pictures. She took all the pictures, I didn't take any. I joked with people that I travel with my own photographer when Lolli and I hang out. And it seems we do everything together lately. :)

Jen (Hip as I Wanna Be) and Lara (Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom) are the founders of Momz Share and are so much fun! There was tons of food, tons of prizes from some awesome companies, and lots of really great conversation.

I was so excited to meet Jessica from A Parent in Silver Spring. I have been reading her for a long time and I knew we could be friends. And I think we kind of are now! As much as friends who read each other's blogs and have met once. I think I spent over an hour talking to her and Lolli. (See her blog for a picture of the 3 of us.)

I had so many interesting conversations with so many people. Sadly, I totally missed winning a prize by only a year each time. Rats! The winner was picked by who was blogging the longest. I said 6 years, the other gal had 7. But looking back on my archives, I have totally been blogging for 7! Plus, all those years (3) of having an "online diary" at iparenting BEFORE blogs became easy and popular. That makes 10 years of putting my story online.

Now I sound totally nerdy. But this nerd is having a great time meeting all these amazing bloggers!



  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    It was SO great to meet you -- any friend of Jessica's is someone well-recommended! Are you coming down for the party Friday night? It would be great to see you again!

    -Susan, who sat by you on the stairs for a bit :-)

  2. 10 years?! T-E-N years?! That's amazing. 10 years ago I was in college trying to figure out where the drink specials were and I had NO idea what a blog even was. That's cool. I've been at it for a little over a year and I'm not sure I can give 9 more. Fun to see you again:)


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